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The choice of a five paragraph essay topic is one that has created problems for many students. The first logical place to start is to choose a good topic for your essay. When choosing a topic, it is important to pick one that you are interested in. From there, it is key to create a specific thesis statement, based on this topic. The thesis statement is the main sentence or statement, which the rest of your essay will prove.

When left with the ultimate choice of picking a five paragraph essay topic, it is advisable to select a topic that is not too broad or narrow. Topics like Education or Business are too vast and cannot be effectively organized into a 5 paragraph essay.

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It will be better to choose more direct topics like the importance of social studies in education or the effectiveness of internet advertising. This way you will be able to channel the discussion to a particular direction. However, too narrow topics may pose an even bigger problem to the writer because there may not be enough supporting details for the topics.

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