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This is a rather directed question and shows what’s really on her mind. She cares very much for Catherine; she wants her to be happy but also to get more independence. It is a very tricky situation seeing as how if one criterion is fulfilled, another one will be undone. Catherine is happy when Eddie is happy, Eddie is happy when Catherine is at home, Catherine will be happy to grow up and start work, Eddie doesn’t want her to leave so this is a circle that will never be able to work until one person, either Eddie or Catherine is willing to step down.

Catherine is on the verge of doing so, of agreeing to Eddie’s terms yet again but Beatrice senses what could happen if Eddie is allowed to carry on the way he is and she also wants Catherine to be happy on her own accord. Beatrice wants desperately for Catherine to grow up and live her own life, mostly for her own sake so she’d be happy. It hurts Beatrice to see her upset but Catherine is not doing anything to change this. “It means you gotta be your own self more. You still think you’re a little girl, honey.”

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Catherine disapproves of Beatrice’s attitude towards Eddie, her idea of being a woman is quite different from Beatrice’s. What Beatrice meant by being a woman was independence and autonomy but Catherine feels that it also means being a good wife, making your husband happy; “Then why don’t she be a woman? If I was a wife I would make a man happy instead of goin’ at him all the time.”

Catherine is only vaguely aware of Beatrice’s presence in the middle parts of the play, choosing instead to wrap herself in Eddie’s thoughts and ideas. I think that Catherine only fully understands Beatrice’s viewpoint after Eddie accuses Rodolpho of being after his papers. One of the giveaways that Catherine hasn’t been giving Beatrice much thought is halfway through the play; Catherine: “He said you was jealous?… It’s the first I thought of it.” “Well, you should have thought of it before… but I’m not.” I sense a hint of disappointment in this sentence, as though Beatrice wanted Catherine to think this, or simply to think about her in anyway. Catherine proves that she doesn’t realise just how deep Eddie’s desire for her goes and she didn’t think of the implications of herself in their lives.

Beatrice, however low on the priority list she may be in Catherine’s life, brings about the ultimate turning point in Catherine’s perception of Eddie; (strangely moved at the prospect)…(as though a familiar world has been shattered). From that moment onwards, Catherine sheds her “little girl” persona and takes control of her life. It’s quite a drastic change even though the next time she sees Eddie, she still needed a slight push from Beatrice to get her going, Beatrice being the driving force behind Catherine’s personal revolution; “Well, you said the movie ended late, didn’t you?… Well, tell him, honey. ”

Catherine started to rebel against Eddie, instead of taking in everything he says like she used to do, she starts to challenge his views and opinions; “It’s true Eddie” she says when he casts her a look during her announcement that Beatrice’s cousins went to Africa. “(flushes with revolt)You wanna dance Rodolpho?” is showing it in such clarity, Catherine is changing and Eddie is utterly bewildered.

Beatrice’s relationship with Catherine changes as Catherine becomes more and more independent and doubtful of Eddie. Beatrice, being the neutral party and loving them both, was torn between the two, she could no longer stand with one person when the divisions are so extreme. In the end, her loyalty falls with her husband and she feels that she has to deny Catherine’s invitation to her wedding to be with Eddie. In the end, Beatrice’s devotion and sense of her role as wife, and probably fear at what Eddie is going to do, shifts her whole standpoint and it’s almost as if she’s regretting her attempts to change Catherine.

Don’t call him that!… Stop it!” Beatrice is really being tested now but once again, she’s become the third wheel and the peacekeeper. The argument is between Eddie and Catherine, just as the love was between them two at the start of the play. Beatrice is never really appreciated by either Eddie or Catherine despite the major role she plays. It is at the end when Eddie is dying that he finally realises that his heart lies with Beatrice and Beatrice alone; “My B!” he say before finally passing away in her arms.

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