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The signing is made dramatic, as Proctor knows that he is lying and he thinks that all he has to do is tell them his sins and damn himself from lying. When Proctor finds out that it must be written he is horrified he is even more upset when he finds out that it will be posted on the church doors for the village to see. Proctors guilt increases when Rebecca walks in, as he knows that she will be disgusted at the fact he is confessing. Danforth is happy that Proctor is confessing to the charge because he thinks that this means that Rebecca will confess but she refuses to.

Proctors name is important to him as it is the only thing he has left which is his, he feels as if he has signed away his sole through his sins and that to take away his name would leave him with nothing Proctor says “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life” this shows that Proctor feels strongly about them not posting his name on the church as that means he is signing his name away.

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Proctors confession now is similar to act two were Elizabeth urges him to denounce Abigail. Proctors hesitates then as well as he knew that Abigail was lying about the witchcraft and he was worried that if he did go to the courts and denounce her then she may accuse him of witchcraft. In act three Proctor had to make the decision of admitting that he did have an affair to the courts, which is against the religion. It also means that he would have to admit to Elizabeth about his sins. Proctor told the truth in act three and not only denounced Abigail but admitted to having and affair because of this fact it leads the audience to believe that he will do the same again and tell the truth.

Proctor is different now though as he is lying and confessing to a crime he didn’t commit this is a contrast to earlier on and also adds drama to the confession. Although Proctor disputes Danforth placing his confession on the church this leads the audience to believe that he will make the write decision. Proctor refuses to name names, as he will not blacken other people’s characters although he has done that to his own he feels that is bad enough but to do the same to others is another sin and something he is not willing to have on his conscience. Proctor is adamant that he will only condemn himself and no one else. This is the opposite of Tituba as she choice to name characters as she was easily influence and persuaded. Proctor says, ” You will not use me! I am no Sarah Good or Tituba,” this shows the audience that Proctor is not easily persuaded or forced to say or do what someone else tries to make him do.

Miller’s audience would have contempt for Tituba as she gave names so easily and did not think of the consequences, also that she did not think whom she was affecting bye lying about other people. The audience would have more respect now for Proctor as he did not name other characters which shows him to be a more honourable man. This also shows that Proctor rejects the hysteria and refuses to become apart of it, as this will allow the accusation of other people in the village being witches.

Throughout the play the hysteria has accelerated and now it has come to a dramatic climax. Proctor has now decided that he has a shred of goodness left in him and he will not live a lie. In the last section of the act the sounds add drama such as the drums and shouting. The drums symbolise the play closing in on the end, they could also be the heart beats as they get faster and faster the closer it comes to the hanging and when they stop this could mean that there life’s have ended and it is over.

The pauses in this part of the act add more drama then previously in the act and play as they are intended to get people to think on what’s has happened throughout the play and amplify the emotions as innocent people are about to die. The speed of the concluding moments could signify how quickly life can be ended as it is not that long ago when the history started yet now Proctor and Rebecca are to be hung. At the end Proctor decides to die with dignity and not to live in shame knowing that people will not respect him as they once did. Proctor also makes his own decision to die and is more comfortable and set in this decision as opposed to when he initially decided to confess.

Miller succeeds in making the moment when Proctor tares up the confession particularly dramatic as he started of bye introducing a particularly innocent game, which has repercussions on an entire community. This results in the tension being built throughout the play but with the focus kept mainly on Procter and his admission and his subsequent retraction of guilt. These events happened in a relatively short space of time with devastating consequences which shows how short life can be and how quickly it can end.

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