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For this piece of English Coursework I am doing a “Pot Noodle” Advert. The “Pot Noodle” Advertisements that I am doing is revolved around sexual pleasure. Pot noodles is shown as a product which releases your pleasure, i.e. they taste so good it feels like you’re having sexual pleasure. This is shown in the advertisement and may encourage the male audience to buy this product. The advert I am doing is one of the first sexual based pot noodle advertisements. It begins with a man eating sandwiches with his wife ‘Kate’ around a dinner table the scene basically shows a woman and a man having a casual snack together, she asks him if ‘they are made all right’. He replies saying ‘yes, they are’.

The camera angles in this scene are as follows: A close up shot on the sandwiches A mid-Shot on the characters Eating the sandwiches may make the audience think that the product is to do with a healthy snack such as sandwiches itself, the man then receives a phone call from his friend and goes into a different room with his mobile. The camera angle(s) in this scene are: A mid-shot as Dan leaves the dining area A swift left panel movement to show Dan moving.

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The background is blurred out where his wife is sitting on the table eating the sandwiches she has made, so the viewers focus more on the man who is on his mobile than the woman. The advertisement then continues with Dan complaining that he needs something filthier like a kebab (kebabs are known as a hot and spicy product). The audience may think that his wife Kate does not pleasure him in the ways he wants to be. Dan’s friend on the phone then asks, “have you ever heard of pot noodle?” his voice then drones out by as an instrumental exotic tune begins in the background, as the scene is changing to a street at night.

Dan is now entering an ‘Exotic food store’ the sign is made noticeable to show which show Dan is going into the shop (the noticeable sign can be trying to hold the image of Pot noodle being exotic). When Dan enters the store he whispers to the women at the cash desk “do you do pot noodle”, the camera angles in this scene is: A tilt close up shot where Dan is whispering in the woman’s ear. Dan based character may be too embarrassed to ask loudly as he may think that Pot Noodle is a Erotic based item. Dan then gets slapped, there are three more scenes where Dan is getting slapped the camera angles used are Close up to show the reactions of the strangers when he is asking for a Pot Noodle.

They are set inside or outside food based store(s) or bar(s). Dan then ends up going to an unknown food store (or bar) with bright red lights and a blue glowing ‘enter’ sign (red lights sometimes symbolises an erotic place also known as a Brothel). Dan seems exhausted looking for any Pot Noodle product he asks once again to another stranger “do you do pot noodle”. The Woman he is asking seems to be shocked but instead of slapping him she replies to him saying “meet me out back in two minutes”. The phrase ‘meet me out back…’ usually involves an illegal activity, the advertisement may be trying to show that Pot Noodle is an illegal item.

The scene then changes into blurry haze and switches to the woman, who is unnamed, and Dan jumping on the bed as they eat a pot noodles. Dan then says ‘It feels wrong yet so good’ this may be saying that when you eat a Pot Noodle you go Wild sexual pleasure is shown in this advertisement for the wild side of the consumer. The scene has a sort of sexual based them to it, exaggerated sex noises/jumping and this also shows that you are wild for buying the product (Pot Noodle).

The advertisement then ends with the slogan ‘Pot noodle the slag of all snacks’. This is trying to tell us that Pot noodles are a filthy snack, we know this by the slogan “Slag of all snacks” (Slag being the key word, meaning a object or human who does anything for very little money). Overall Mise-En-Scene (Setting, Lighting, What’s happening?) The overall Mise-en-scene in this advertisement is basically a man who wants something for a snack which is better than sandwiches, he wants something spicy, saucy overall filthy, he looks all over for a product called Pot noodle, he finally finds this product and releases his wild side.

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