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This is then blacked out and another light opens on the opposite side onto another car which is angled the opposite way to the other one. This is also blacked out and then another spotlight opens up directly above onto another car which is facing forward. All of the three cars are identical expect for the colour. The colours of the cars are an orange car, bright green and pink, all vivid and bright colours. The colours of the cars add to the fun and excitement of the cars.

This is also achieved by the shape and design of the car I chose to use. After the three cars have all been spotlighted then five coloured lights are all angled and shone down on the three cars which are lined up. At the exact moment that the lights are emitted then the music plays. The music I chose to use was `Bamboogle’ by Bamboo. I chos  this music because it a very catching sound and fun and the beat allows fast active movement with it. The lights begin to move and swing over the cars in time with the music and the cars `dance’ to the music by moving around the floor in a sequence. Once the cars have performed their short dance sequence, they will each be raised onto a cylinder platform which will appear to come out of the ground.

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The platforms are all at different heights and the two side ones slightly angled. This gives the effect of a grand finale to their show. The music then closes and the information screen appears. A plain blue background with the logo written saying `go on… CORODA SADA …be daring, with information about costs and credit and APR ect. The price is positioned in the corner of the screen. There would be no music but a voice over saying “Go on… be daring!”, “Coroda Sada now 12,000”. And the advert closes. I do not want to use people in my advert as I have given the cars the effect of being people by having them `dance’ in the advert. I designed my advert so that the car seems a fun and bubbly, friendly and active car.

I have used a black background all the way through and used coloured and plain spotlights on the cars to give the effect of a bright cheerful and lively car. I made my advert so that the camera would be moving from side to side in the fourth, fifth and sixth windows. I wanted to give the effect of dancing and so that the viewers would see the entire car at different angles. The cars are always central on the screen and the lighting is made to be bright and vivid to attract attention. The audience I am aiming my advert at is women aged 17 to 25. The car I was advertising a fun colourful, friendly and bubbly little car.

I used a Volkswagen Beetle to advertise but I changed the name of the car and called it a Sada, by the company Coroda. I did not use a company logo, but a logo for the particular car model. I included a slogan, “Go on… be daring” to make people think that the car is fun and that by buying this car you would be daring and individual. It is made to make the person think that by having this car that the driver is special and confident. It is for people to make a statement with and not just a mode of transport.

There is only text at the end of the advert and there is a small amount of small print about the car and its features. I am relying on the advert to attract people’s attention and not on the car and its features. The price and logo are also included. I do not think that my car would fall into the category of representations. I think that this car would be advertised differently to some of the other Volkswagen range.

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