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Yet, it could be argued that is it right that parents do not have the ultimate choice as to where a child attends school. The same problems as identified by that choice especially as far as race is concerned, might be reflected in the natural catchment area population of a specific school.

If one estate of people is known as being the homes to many people of one race and so the school has a higher population of people from that race, is it acceptable to expect a family to send their children of another race into that school when they already know and suspect that their child would be a minority in that school and therefore be subjected to bullying?

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Is it right that an extremely bright child with supportive parents who is intelligent and dedicated to their schoolwork be sent to a school, which is notoriously bad as far as discipline is concerned, and with little in the way of positive achievements? Would that child’s education suffer because they were in attendance at a school that is lower in the league tables than another school in the same area? Would they be dragged down by their peer group and end up in the same kinds of trouble as the children that they associate with during school hours, purely because they are in that school and not another one?

The problems identified as possibilities with parents sending their children to a specific school are generally also identifiable in the populations of the surrounding areas and the areas in which the parents can afford to or choose to live. Schools will always reflect the social problems of the surrounding areas, but, if parents were able to choose which school to send their child to based upon their levels of prejudice and support of their child’s education, then the school no longer has any way of trying to break down the inherent problems in society.

It is a cycle of thought processes and prejudice that causes the majority of problems in society today, and unless this is addressed and people are educated then it will remain so. Allowing parents to influence the child’s schooling so far as choosing the school that they attend only fuels the cycle further and removes the tool for educating those children.

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