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We first see four people coming out of what looks like a block of flats or a large house and down some steps. We see one of the men, the oldest one, going around the front of the car and open the front, driver’s side, car door. We only see the car shape and colour. We cannot see the Fiat badge, and so we are not aware that it is advertising a car. He gets in and presses a button, which unlocks the other 3 doors. We see a close up as he presses the button and a close up of each door as the catch opens.

The others get in the car and each one closes their door at a different time one after the other. They each begin pressing buttons, or opening windows, moving their seats forward and back. The only sound we can hear is the sound of the buttons clicking, the noise of the windows going up and down etc, there are also drum and base instruments playing in the background, but they are not playing a tune but a beat, the people in the car are using what they have as instruments and creating their own beat too. They also move to the beat as they press the buttons. Each time someone presses or moves an object in the car the camera focuses on what they are doing. This in effect shows us everything the car has to offer from electric windows, moveable front and back seats to technical equipment in the front of the car.

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By doing this movement of objects to the beat it also shows how quick and easy it is to adjust the seat etc. This advert shows the people in the car pulling their seat belts twice, this movement involves all of them doing this action at the same time. This helps give variety in the sounds instead of always the repeated clicking of buttons. Variation in adverts helps us stay interested. There seems to be no stereotyping in this advert although there are more male roles, there is also a main female role; she is also sitting in the front passenger seat which makes her role seem more dominant then the other men in the back. She also appears on her own later in the advert. T

he car also catches the attention of an elderly man sitting reading a newspaper; this shows the car is not just for young people. The car is represented almost as a toy. As the people inside are ‘playing’ with the accessories inside the car. It does not represent a family car it shows a young, trendy ‘plaything for young, trendy people. I think the old man is shown looking at the car as if wanting to be part of the experience being young again and enjoying the technology that is available now.

When the camera focuses on a certain instrumental accessory it shows only one at a time. Focusing on just that and nothing else. Such as when the electric sunroof goes down we see the sunroof only from a top view firstly and then a view of which button is being pressed to move the sunroof. Also the people in the car do not look like they are exceptionally rich they look just like ordinary people. Which shows the car is available to all. Which also tells us something about the price. That it is affordable.

A woman then walks past the car she is dressed in a bright red top so we can see that she is the focus of what the men in the back are looking at. Someone in the car then closes the window. One man in the back of the car turns around suspiciously. This shows us another thing the car is able to do; by pressing a button anyone in the front of the car can open or close any of the other windows. They then all grab hold of their seat belts at the same time and again at the same time they fasten them.

The man in the passenger seat then presses a start/stop button and we hear the sound of the engine. The screen then goes black and sliver writing emerges from the middle of the screen which says ‘what is technology without imagination?’ This is a rhetorical question as I think its meaning is in the car you have all the technology you need to have fun and enjoy the ride. We then see the car driving through the city. There is now music and singing. This music is by Dee-Lite called Grove is in the heart. Here is where the same woman who was in the car before is seen. The camera shows us her as though we are looking through the front passenger window from outside.

We can only see her in the car although she is not in the driver seat and so we presume that the men are still in there too. She is still moving to the beat again as they were before. A woman then says, ” Contact your local Fiat dealer to book a test drive in the new Fiat Stilo.” Her voice is much louder than the music, which is still playing. The camera follows the car and it begins to cross a bridge. Three arrows appear then on screen they emerge from the middle but move right one following the other. The first arrow is red. Writing then appears underneath the arrows it reads “Fiat Stilo forward thinking” and the Fiat logo is underneath this. These are all in the bottom right hand corner.

In the top left hand corner we then see a telephone number and a website address. This is presumably how to get in touch to book a test drive. The camera is still following the car as it moves over the bridge. Then the advert ends. We do not see any other cars except the Fiat Stilo until the car is driving across the bridge. Here we cannot see the other cars close enough to see what their style is like or the model or make of any other car, and so we still only follow the Fiat as it drives across the bridge. But the other cars we see are all going the opposite way to the Fiat Stilo. And the Fiat is driving in the direction that the arrows are pointing.

This shows us that the Fiat Stilo is the only one going ‘forward’ in the right direction. The other cars are going the wrong way, they are going ‘back’. The Fiat is moving forward to a future of technology and the other cars are not. When the four people are in the car they all look very happy with smiles of enjoyment on their faces. This gives you the feeling that you would feel the same in this car.

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