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Follow Through; Both arms flex again as the arms swing around to over your shoulder. What is a common error for this skill that is often made and explain how to correct it. Head isn’t over the ball which makes the batsmen more prone to edging the ball or striking it incorrectly. To correct this skill you can make the batsmen go back and across without a bat and header a tennis ball back to you, this again like an on drive gets the shoulders, head and feet all in the same line as the ball.

Give an example of how to improve performance of a certain skill Skill to improve-Balance Description of drill to improve Balance; You get a balance ball and tell the batsmen to play a drive one legged on this balance ball, at first they wobble all over the place but then they learn to improve their balance, then you take the balance ball away and make them drive to stationary balls on the floor.

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Diagram of drill Prioritise the three most important areas of general fitness and justify why these are important to your activity (1) Stamina- To keep batting for a long period of time or to bowl lots of overs in a game. (2)Strength- To bowl quickly and to hit the ball over the boundary against spinners. (3)Flexibility- To be able to bowl smoothly with a good action. Prioritise the three most important areas of skill related fitness and justify why these are important to your chosen activity (1)Power- To be able to bowl quickly and to play powerful shots later on in the innings when the run rate needs to accelerate.

(2)Co-ordination- Whatever skill you are doing in cricket you are always moving two body parts, e.g. driving- legs and arms, bowling- legs and arms. (3)Balance- To play shots perfectly without falling over or without the ball being hit in the air. What is the role of a coach? The coach is seen as an important cog in the functioning of modern teams. At the junior level, a good coach will promote a good work ethic; he will also correct potentially crippling flaws in technique. At the international level, however, technique usually needs only fine-tuning, so the coach’s main job is to analyse and interpret data obtained from actual match situations.

Who is the governing body for your activity and explain their role? The ICC( International Cricket Council) is the governing body of cricket. It originally was called the Imperial Cricket Conference and the International Cricket Conference, but as of 1989 it is known now as the International Cricket Council. There are 101 members of the ICC, 10 who participate in Test Match Cricket, 33 Associate Members and 59 Affiliate Members. The ICC’s main purpose is to organize and govern cricket major international tournaments. It also appoints umpires and other officials to oversee test matches, ODI’s and Twenty/20 Internationals. It also sets discipline standards for cricketers which involves actions against match-fixing and corruption.

What are some of the common injuries associated with your activity? Sprained ankle- due to all the twisting and turning both batsmen and bowlers do. Back Strains- due to the acceptance of new and unusual bowling actions. How would you treat this injury? I would treat the sprained ankle injury with RICE, which is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However for the back injuries I would try to adjust the bowler’s action slightly to try and get the back in the most relaxed position as possible. Sam Hennessy 11E Analysis of Performance Project Mr Musset

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