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Eddie is a hero but is a tragic one; he is taken down by his fatal flaw. Like many other tragic hero’s he has many obstacles when on the journey to achieve his goal and has a destiny too. This is made obvious when said by Alfieri “Eddie never expected to have a destiny”. So he was never thought to be remembered in any way. But however, due to his relationships with people like Catherine and also Rodolfo and Marco; on whom he called the immigration bureau on, he will be remembered. Due to this deceit, the day he broke the Sicilian code the day, by calling the called the immigration bureau, he is remembered in a bad way.

But even in Alfieri post script he mentioned Eddie to be a good individual. In prologue he says something different to the post script about Eddie. In the post script Alfieri is left with mixed feelings. He mourns Eddie’s useless and unnecessary death and on the other hand even though he knew Eddie was wrong he still admires and respects him. Eddie’s relationship with Catherine is probably known by now, but he has two different relationships with her and only one of them is known to the society the other one is hidden and Eddie is not aware of that too.

The one that the societies are aware of is the fatherly overprotective relationship, which is given to Catherine after her mother’s death. And the relationship that the society neither Beatrice his wife or Marco or Rodolfo are aware of, is that Eddie loves Catherine in a way that society does not compromise with. Eddie believes that Catherine is his property; we get this idea from when Rodolfo sings the song “paper doll”. The idea we get from the song is that the paper doll is my property it is something that the “other guys can not steal.

” There is another link to this idea; this is “bird in a cage”. This idea also links to Eddie as he is too protective over Catherine. Eddie has imprisoned Catherine just like a bird. He tries to limit what she does, as he believes that she is his property, his ‘paper doll’. Eddie is the padlock to the cage and Rodolfo is the key to let Catherine fly free. Due to this over protectiveness and his undiscovered love for Catherine he begins to find excuses against Rodolfo who loves Catherine dearly, as Eddie feels that his property is being snatched away from him.

Catherine does not like what Eddie says to Rodolfo and slowly she changes her view about Eddie and this view is based on the hatred for Eddie as he does not accept Rodolfo. Eddie’s motive makes Beatrice change her status at home “Eddie when, will I be a wife again? ” Even though she is married to Eddie she still doesn’t feel like she is a wife. Eddie is a typical male stereotype, he believes that men have to be built up with muscles and have to do masculine things such as working for the family so they can eat and picking up heavy things etc.

This is why he believes Rodolfo is gay, as he enjoys making outfits and singing (this reflects on spiritual law and common law, as this is what we believe interms of nature, we don’t believe men should do a woman’s work or vice versa). The spiritual law within Eddie believes the sexes are heterosexual and if boundaries are to be crossed then you are gay “not right” etc. The female such as Beatrice can adapt to Eddie’s stereotyping as she by nature has been made to do house work.

Male stereotyping also includes respect, if you don’t have respect then you’re a good for nothing person and that also women cannot work, this is the reason he refused when Catherine wanted to work besides the reason that he is protective. There is a whole issue concerning respect and honour, this is if you lose your respect, no one in society will talk to you; you will exist but society will treat you as you don’t. Thus respect is really important, if you want a place in society. “And now we are quite civilized, quite American. Now we settle for half, and I like it better.

I no longer keep a pistol in my filing cabinet. ” This is said by Alfieri; this means that, because they now settle for half (compromise) killing someone is not necessary, so less crimes are committed. This is said in his opening speech which in reality is after the death of Eddie which happens at the end of the play and at the end of the play Alfieri wished that if only he had settled for half then may be Eddie wouldn’t had a useless death. The idea of human nature is involved with that as if the human nature was less selfish and more understanding, tragedies such as the above would not happen.

There is some involvement of the conflicts of law as laws did clash and if both laws had compromised then it would be easier for people to achieve their American dream without any hassle and also life would be much happier Marco says ALL the laws are not in the book so he doesn’t say there aren’t any laws in the book. So he is trying to say that some laws are not in the book. I believe that the audience of the view from the bridge agrees with Marco’s statement as spiritual law also exists in the world despite not being written down in the book.

Spiritual law is inspired from the bible or any other holy book for example “thou shall not kill” that is a law not in the book of the government, but the same is in the their book, this is killing is a crime and if committed then the offender shall be punished. So even though thou shall not kill isn’t in the book but the same the law is carried out in the material world. Therefore all the laws are not in the book, as the laws in the holy book are also obeyed and carried out in today’s world.

Miller’s point of view, well this that e wanted to get issues in the community across, which in my point of view he did successfully. The stage directions he used expressed emotions, for example when Rodolfo is singing the paper doll song, Eddie becomes restless and angry and this is shown by Eddie getting up from his chair and walking across the stage which is set up as a room, which the family are in. There is also another stage direction used, but this was done by lights. This is when Eddie calls the Immigration bureau.

There is only one light on stage and this shines only on the telephone booth, so the rest of the stage is dark. This gives the booth significance and tells the audience that some one is about to make a very important call. And depending on the colour of the light another message can also be sent across to the audience. This is danger is a red light is used and depressing or confused emotions if a blue light is used. www. bbc. co. uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english_literature/dramaviewbridge/3drama_viewbridge_dramarev2. shtml (Google web search- Greek tragedy ( a view from the bridge)

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