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The two adverts, Sandals and The York Dungeon are very different though they have the same purpose, to persuade people to visit the place they are advertising. I intend to deconstruct both adverts and compare them. The Sandals advert is very colourful. It has many pictures, mostly of beaches or water. They are taken from a distance, so the reader concentrates on the scenery instead of the people in the photo. This contrasts very much with the colour of the York Dungeon advert, which has very few pictures, a black background and red writing.

The imagery in the Sandals advert looks peaceful, exotic and quiet. This shows the holiday is for families and older people. However, the few pictures in the York Dungeon advert look much more vibrant, lively and exiting. The pictures in the York Dungeon advert are chosen because they represent medieval times, for example a guillotine and some knights. They The Sandals advert looks very relaxing and is laid out so that the text takes up a very small part of the adverts. This is so the attention is primarily focused on the pictures. This way, the reader can see for themselves what a lovely place it is.

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This also contrasts completely with the York Dungeon adverts, which has almost no pictures and the whole advert is taken up by text. This is so that the York Dungeon seems mysterious and the reader would want to know what is really there. The text is also broken into three sections and there are big gaps between the lines. This is probably because there is not a lot of text and if it were all in one section with small gaps then it would hardly take up any space. This is very different to the Sandals advert, which has all of the text in a small box in the top right corner of the advert.

This is so the reader concentrates on the pictures instead of the text. The Sandals advert is presented as a normal, every-day holiday, the York Dungeon advert is presented like a secret document, with its dark colours and lack of pictures. This is a different approach of advertising a holiday; it demands attention and seems unique. The text in the Sandals advert is written in one section. It has small writing, so it takes up less space, and is written thinly in a column, to leave the pictures more space.

The York Dungeon advert’s text is written in a more eye-catching colour, red with a black background with parts in bold. This makes people want to read more. The Sandals advert repeatedly says things like “couples can experience” and “perfect for a man and a woman”. This, with the pictures that always show couples, make it seem perfect for couples or families. The York Dungeon advert uses the word “you”, which is personalized, and when it is read it seems that the advert is talking about you, no one else, and you will have the whole place to yourself.

The Sandals advert uses adjectives like “unique” and “enchanted paradise” and says things like “you will be mesmerized by the Caribbean magic”. This suggests that the advert is guaranteeing us to love the holiday and have a good time and that the place will be very special. The York Dungeon advert, however, uses an oxymoron with the comparison of perfectly and horrible which gets the attention of the reader. Most people on the Sandals holiday would have gone there because it seems relaxing and when you’re there all of your worries have gone.

The York Dungeon, however, gets most of its customers from its educational value. The place seems educational because the advert says that the York Dungeon teaches you “more than 2000 years of gruesomely authentic history” which makes it seem educational and interesting. This again proves that the place is aimed at younger people, as schoolchildren would want to learn about history to help them in school and it would also appeal much more to children than adults. Another way in which the two adverts differ is the use of syntax.

The Sandals advert uses long complex sentences, which again suggests that it is aimed at older people, whereas the York Dungeon adverts uses short sentences and short words, which suggests that it is intended for a younger audience. In conclusion, there two adverts are very different. They get the audiences attention with different methods and both very effectively. They are aimed at different audiences, the Sandals advert being aimed at an older audience, maybe couples or families, whereas the York Dungeon advert is aimed at younger people.

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