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Examine the relationship between Eddie and Catherine and say how it contributes to Eddies Death In the following Essay I am going to scrutinize the association between Eddie Carbone and Catherine and the period up to Eddies death. I will also explain how this relates to Eddies death. First I will examine the way in which Eddie behaves towards Catherine and the way he feels about her as a daughter.

I will then show how Catherine feels about Eddie as a father and then gather a conclusion for this essay. Eddies association with Catherine is one of a kind, He is a caring considerate and responsible Father who is very over protective about Catherine. Eddie does not want Catherine to grow up as he feels that she will always be his little girl and will never leave home, However as the story goes on this is proven to be wrong.

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He said to Catherine’s mother a while back when Catherine was younger ‘I promised your mother on her deathbed, I’m responsible for you’ As an Adoptive father Eddie tries to keep Catherine from going out he is over protective we see this at the beginning of the story when he says her skirt is too short because men will look at her: E: “I think it’s to short, ain’t it? ” C: “Not when I stand up. ” E: “Yeah but… ” Catherine is now old enough to go to work, and wants to go and explore to meet new people but there is a boundary in her way, which is Eddie.

He says, “Catherine, I don’t want to be a pest, but I’m telling you you’re walkin’ wavy. ” This quote shows how caring and over protective Eddie is. Catherine becomes desperate to go off to work and persuades Eddie to let her with the help of Beatrice. Eddie still believes that Catherine is still a small girl and wants to keep her that way, unchanging. As time goes on Beatrice has two illegal immigrants arrive which are her two cousins who have come over to work. Marco wants to work, as he needs to pay for food and shelter for his family back home.

Rodolpho is here to start a new life. Catherine and Rodolpho become very attached and start to form a small relationship, However Eddie does not like this at all and we see this when he starts to become arrogant and starts to dislike Marco and Rodolpho. Eddie starts to have sexual feelings towards Catherine and kisses her as she comes out of the bedroom when he was drunk and while Rodolpho was in them room C: “Eddie, I’m not gona be a baby any more! You-” He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth.

This quotation shows us that Eddie is still so over protective and does not want Catherine ever to leave her until he dies. He still thinks she is a young girl and when a new man who comes into her life from out of no where he becomes very jealous and starts to destroy things between his self and Catherine (There true father to daughter relationship which had worked for so many years) Eddie is now loosing touch with Catherine and he becomes to get more and more frustrated as the story goes on.

There is a young man who want to marry Catherine named Rodolpho who Eddie does not like because he feels that he only want to marry Catherine because she is an American citizen. If he marries her he will be able to live in America forever. We see this when Eddie say to Catherine. E: “That’s right. He marries you he’s got the right to be an American citizen. ” This is how Eddie feels and actually says this to her. But Catherine does not feel the same way and disapproves.

Eddie objects to Rodolpho because he stays out at night when he should be hiding. He keeps Catherine away from he steno-graphy lessons (typing). He sings, He’s blond, He’s an illegal immigrant and so Eddie thinks that he is just interested in Catherine because she is American. At the beginning of the story Catherine is very loving and cares for Eddie as much as he does for her. She never went out without him or Beatrice at night and always liked being around Eddie and Beatrice she likes to impress Eddie.

We see this at the begging of the story when Catherine buys a new skirt and gets a new hair cut C: “Hi Eddie E: “Where you going all dressed up? ” running her hands over her skirt. C: ” I just got it, you like it” This is a superb quote which shows how much she loves Eddie and wants to please him as much as she can, She does not want to ruin there caring relationship between the to off them. Catherine wants to go off to work to meet new people, but Eddie does not like the thought of that because he believes she is a small girl.

After persuasion he allows her we see this at the begging of the play when Catherine respects Eddies opinion and does what he says. For example E: “All right, go to work” she looks at him, then rushes and hugs him.. C: “I’m gonna buy all new dishes with my first pay” This quote tells us that she wants to help the family and Eddie towards everything she possible can in the house, as she now knows that the family has money problems. When Beatrice’s cousins arrive everything changes.

Catherine starts to build a relationship between her and a young man named Rodolpho, which starts to change the relationship between her and Eddie. It all begins when she firsts meets him at her house, Eddie does not like him from first sight however Catherine adores him and likes him from first sight. Catherine begins to go out with him at night and we see this in the middle of the story when Catherine will not stand up to Eddie this is still because she has feelings for him.

This is shown when Beatrice has to stick up for her when she comes home late with Rodolpho. E: “Well Marco till he came she was never out on the street twelve o’clock at night… ” B: “Well tell him honey.. ” This quote shows us that Catherine has suddenly grown up and become more responsible and that she becomes detached from Eddie, she has fallen in love with this young man. As the story goes Catherine starts to get annoyed with Eddie and starts to dislike him and gradually becomes scared of him.

This is shown when Eddie comes in late one night, he is drunk and Catherine and Rodolpho were in the bedroom together. E: Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outa here ….. ” C: trembling with fright: “I think I have to get out of here , Eddie. This quote shows us that Catherine is really upset and terrible frightened of Eddie. She wants to leave because her and Eddie no longer get on because of Eddie becoming jealous of Rodolpho. Catherine no longer has any feelings for she is scared of him and dislikes him because he has upset he and Rodolpho.

This causes great tension between Eddie and Marco who is supposed to be responsible for Rodolpho. Catherine now changes completely giving her opinion about everyone and not listening to Eddie’s point of view. B: ” I can’t Katie, I can’t… ” C: ” How can you listen to him? This rat! ” Catherine is now trying to pull Beatrice away from Eddie as well, even though Beatrice has stood up for Catherine all along. Catherine has changed she has changed the relationship between Eddie and herself however Eddie has also changed and become distant from Catherine.

I think this has contributed to Eddies death because Eddie became over obsessed with Catherine and would not let her go, So he tried to get rid of Beatrice’s cousins but by doing this he made it worse for himself and creating a huge upset between Catherine, Marco, Eddie and Rodolpho. Marco became upset and angry with Eddie which caused them to fight and ended in a horrific death. After scrutinizing the association between Eddie Carbone and Catherine I have found they both are very similar and that they are both very childish this is shown because they both are treating each other in a immature fashion.

Catherine should listen to Eddie and start growing up a little more, she should think about her actions and what she does before committing. Eddie has become over obsessed and changed. I believe that Eddie died because he did not let Catherine do what she wanted and made Marco and Rodolpho angry about what he had said and did. The essay has been interesting however lacks inspiration and enthusiasm that makes the book slow paced and uninteresting.

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