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Although probably rather over dramatized with light effects, smoke and more Source F shows a good representation of what evacuation was like for both children and parents. The parents are constantly changing their minds about whether they should send their children away or not which caused them great distress which could have been prevented if it were a compulsory scheme, and the children are angry about being showed up in front of their friends whom they were going on holiday with.

It also showed the utter chaos at the train station with everyone milling around not knowing where they were going, a complete lack of organization. I know from my own knowledge that although the Government did a great job of evacuating so many children in such a short space of time, they were poorly organized not having arranged enough homes for all the children or done police checks on people fostering them. Source B however, I feel, was a failure.

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On the one hand it was written 40 years after the event took place, and memories can fade over time or change because she has seen so many programs and such with different information that the facts and what she has seen has all blurred together in her head, on the other hand something as emotional as evacuation is something that you will surely always remember especially as she was a teacher at this time so would have known the truth about what was going on as apposed to little children she was with who thought they were on holiday?

We also don’t know who the interviewer was so they could have altered the answers or asked leading questions. She also says that “we hadn’t the slightest idea of where we were going” I know that with the poor organization the people didn’t know where they were going till they got there. This is also just one person’s opinion in the war. With the help of the above sources I have concluded that although there were many problems with evacuation, which can only be seen now in hindsight, that evacuation was indeed a great success, after all it did save millions of lives and was the biggest mass movement in British history.

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