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The data for this survey was collected by using a interview schedule, phone interviews and non-participant observation. These forms of data collection were used because they were most appropriate and convenient at the time. The present Manager of the Care Centre and the Chairman of The Little Brothers Organization were the persons interviewed. They provided most of the information upon which this study is based. When this project was conceived the researcher was not aware that she would have encountered so many problems and limitations.

Firstly, it was difficult to identify a suitable project because all the institutions she approached turned her down because they were already assisting other persons. Moreover, the operators of the institutions seemed guarded in that they were reluctant to give out confidential information to so many people who were unknown to them. Secondly, the researcher was pressed for time since she had to undertake several other assignments simultaneously. Given more time, a more extensive study could have been done.

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Furthermore, it was difficult travelling up and down trying to make appointments and to collect information on various aspects of the Study. The third and most difficult part of this survey was selecting a sample of street boys. The researcher intended to collect data directly from the boys themselves but her efforts were thwarted because certain internal problems at the Centre and in the community where the office is located. This was regrettable because no study can be complete without the views of the subjects who are studied. Much valuable information may not be obtained because of this problem.

It seems as though the street boys have several disciplinary problems that are jeopardizing the programme. It is therefore likely that the objectives of the Care Centre will not be realized unless the problem of indiscipline among the boys is addressed effectively. This is of the greatest concern to those who are involved in the administration of the Care Centre. Another limitation is the difficulty in obtaining sufficient information from the primary and secondary sources because the Care Centre is relatively new and a lot of the information is not documented.

The researcher therefore had to rely on anecdotal information. The location of the Care Centre presented a challenge to the researcher because of the politics of the area. It has been reported that many boys are afraid to enter the community to visit the centre because some of the residents resent them. Also the boys are scattered all over the corporate area hustling to get money. The significance of the Study This study is significant because of the increasing number of street corner children. It seems to suggest that the social conditions and family life of Jamaica are deteriorating.

Moreover, the street corner children can grow up and become the next generation of vicious criminals. It is therefore imperative that this problem be studied in the hope that solutions can be found to this unsatisfactory state of affairs. The researcher further hopes that the findings of this study may be used to stimulate others to do further work in this area and so add to the knowledge of how to eliminate this undesirable phenomenon of the street corner boys. Data Analysis The interview schedule was administered to the manager of the Centre.

This was followed up with a telephone interview in order to obtain clarification on certain issues discussed in the face to face interview. Consequently it was discovered that the project is called the St Andrew Parish Church Care Centre. Its main office is located at 2 Ambrook Lane near Hagley Park Road Kingston 10. This area is considered to be an inner-city community consisting of dwelling houses and commercial enterprises. From the observations made, the people are of the working class and appear to be quiet.

However, further investigations revealed that there has been some conflict in the community at the time, and so the work with the boys seemed adversely affected. According to information obtained from one of the founding members, the Rev. Shawn Major-Campbell who was the curate of the parish church started the project. He is now stationed in the Cayman Islands. It was conceived because Rev. Shawn Major-Campbell saw the need to help boys who spent most of their time unsupervised on the streets and in the community. Rev.

Shawn Major-Campbell saw the need to establish a church-based organisation to provide these boys with opportunities to become useful citizens rather than criminals. He got a group of church members and started the project in the old courthouse that is adjacent to the St. Andrew Parish Church. This work started in 1997 with the assistance of the Lions Club. At the initial stage, the boys were provided with meals and were taught manners and other social skills by Inspector Thomas from the Community Relations Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

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