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The aim of this programme is to base a circuit around a specific sport. This could be a sport that you may feel you could improve upon in certain aspects. I am going to base my circuit around football as I feel there are areas that I could improve on. As well as improving my overall game this circuit will also vastly improve my general fitness. The purpose of my initial training programme is to improve my overall game, whilst achieving maximum targets throughout the course.

I aim to make the progress as enjoyable as possible. By the end of the programme I will hope to of improved in many aspects of my stamina and improved a lot in football, which is the sport that I have designed this circuit around. Safety aspects To ensure that this programme is safe precaution will have to be taken into account. Firstly before the circuit takes place, a warm up will have to be conducted. Doing this ensures that the muscles are warm and ready for use.

Another precaution to take is that when the apparatus is being prepared; ensure that the correct methods of lifting equipment are being used, such as bending the knees when dealing with heavy objects to avoid unnecessary pressure on the back. To finish off the circuit a warm down should be instructed to ensure that the muscles warm down correctly. A warm down relaxes all the muscles after strenuous exercise otherwise they may become tiff and uncomfortable. It also removes lactic acid and waste that is produced. After each station has been completed the pulse rate should be measured.

This will tell you what your recovery rate is and how fit one is. As the circuit progresses the recovery rate should get quicker, this shows that the body is adapting to the amount of strenuous work it is being put through Appropriateness of exercise As I am basing me circuit around football I will try to make the stations as relevant as possible to the sport. The physical side of the circuit is clearly suited to someone of the same age group as myself but could be changed to suit that of a younger status. The stations throughout the circuit will be fairly simple to set up.

Again safety aspects need to be ensured at this point as the incorrect methods of lifting heavy objects can cause a fair amount of damage. Section 2 – Performing Implementation This circuit will be conducted in by back garden. It will take place twice a week on a one-hour basis. Safe / efficient execution To ensure that the training programme is safely carried out a few precautions will have to be taken into account. Obviously a warm up and warm down must be done to ensure that the muscles are warm, ready for training and do not become stiff but this will explained further in the next stages. Attitude / Motivation

To gain maximum results from the personal exercise-training programme you need to be in the correct frame of mind. You also need to be fully aware of the dangers involved whilst doing a sport. By following the correct procedures whilst doing the circuit, unnecessary injuries can easily be avoided. You also need to ensure that the circuit is carried out every week without fail. If this does not happen then reversibility can take place and slow your progress down. The more often the circuit is completed the more fitter the body will become and it will be able to adapt quicker to more strenuous and demanding training.

Warm up / Warm down A warm up ensures that the muscles are warm and prepared for the task ahead. Failure to do this will result in the muscles being more prone to being over stretched or strained. The warm up for my particular circuit is as follows. This circuit will be completed twice a week. My main aim of this programme was to improve my overall stamina. If the circuit does not seem to have a physically demanding aspect to it I will increase the time taken on each activity by about ten seconds. By doing this I will be able to gain maximum results from my circuit.

By increasing the overload my body will adapt more to the sport that I am focusing on and my stamina will increase, improving my overall game which was the main purpose of this programme. Recorded heart rate Heart rate before the circuit = 71bpm Heart rate after the circuit = 110bpm Recording recovery rate Recovery rate after the circuit = Concluding statement After completing this personal training programme I feel that I have improved in many aspects of my game and also achieved the maximum contributions towards the physical side of myself.

I believe that I used my circuit to gain the full usage of my stamina. Section 4 – Evaluation Part A – Appropriate level Once I had prepared my circuit I ensured that It would not be too strenuous straight away as I wanted to progress steadily throughout the initial course. I wanted a programme that would specify a range of demanding activities, that would focus upon the aspects of my stamina and football abilities that need improving upon. I also did want to overload my body so that the reversal effects did not occur. Appropriate order

To ensure that I achieved what I set out for, I tried to make the circuit as enjoyable as possible without removing the aspect of hard work. I covered this problem by inserting enjoyable skill stations into my circuit; this made me want to progress more. I also tried to alternate muscle groups so that I wasn’t constantly working the same muscles because this could of caused unnecessary pressure upon individual muscles. Correct choice of activities Apart from improving upon my stamina, my main aim of the training programme was to develop upon my overall ability within football.

I think that my circuit focuses on certain aspects of football, which can always be improved upon, and they are: Overall control – by passing the ball against the wall, I improve upon both my overall control of the ball and simply passing it. Confidence upon the ball – I inserted a technique where upon I simply dribble a ball through some laid out cones, which I placed strategically so that they would require skill to get through. This builds the confidence of ones skills on a ball. Part B Manageability of the program-

I made sure that I completed the all the activities within the circuit correctly because if I didn’t then my results may be inaccurate. Later on during the circuit the physical demands did start to take effect upon me but I continued to progress throughout the circuit. After my body had adapted to the circuit after completing it a few times it became easier and to make it harder I could of added a few more reps on certain activities such as press ups or sit ups. Enjoyment / interest / motivation

If this circuit was designed towards a different sport other than football say badminton for instance then it may not have interested me as much and I probably would not of shown the same enthusiasm that I had shown in my actual circuit. As football is my favourite sport then I would probably have gained more out of this circuit as it interested me more and I was far more motivated as I wanted to progress a lot in football. Part C Modifications There where no alterations to my circuit. After completing the circuit a few times my body started to adapt to the exercise needed.

At this stage I may have needed to incorporate a couple more time taken on each activity to be sure hat I improved my stamina throughout the course, so I added 10 seconds on. Effects on the body The first lap of my circuit was the most strenuous, as my body was not used to the specific training needed. I was not used to working those particular muscles needed, as I had not done a particular lot of training before hand, this made the circuit far more demanding to start with. I appeared out of breathe after most of the first activities and could not continue straight into the next stage.

After continuously taking this circuit twice a week I began to become fitter and did not become out of breathe after each stage, instead I wanted to progress and overload my body so it became stronger. Reference to my results During the course of my training program I recorded many changes in my fitness. I added a few slight changes such as maybe completing a few more reps if it became to easy. This showed the progression that I had taken from the beginning and by increasing the intensity, during later stages, I made sure that I got as fit as possible from my circuit.

Part D Effects on performer after completing course After the first few times I completed the circuit I was out of breath. This was down to the fact that I had not recently done a lot of training, which was quite unusual for me. But after getting into the rhythm of the circuit and been used to working those particular muscles I found it relatively easy and did not appear as out of breath at the end of it. This is an obvious sign that my stamina has improved after using the circuit.

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