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To explain Natwest’s solutions to the problem, the camera is brought to roadside billboards of Natwest’s adverts with specific solutions on them, such as, “Business managers stay in place for 4 years” and “Face to face business advice still free”. I think that this advert is very persuasive and would appeal to a wide target audience. It has used connotations well, and has emphasised the general value of Natwest-simple and no-nonsense.

It focused on particular problems, not just stating, “Natwest is good”, and the stereotypical examples worked well, blending with its simple black and white theme. It has used humour effectively and has built a firm relationship between the viewer and the cabbie character. Nike is one of the biggest and richest sporting companies. When the advert “rematch” was released, Nike has already made its “scorpion football” game very popular, based on a 3 vs. 3 first goal wins rule, therefore people would instantly recognise its theme.

This advert is set in a very unrealistic old ship in the middle of the sea at night. A second establishing shot focuses inside the large ship. Figo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo (the OS Tornadoes team) enters with Henry, Totti, Nakata (the Triple Espresso team). These football superstars would be instantly recognised by football fans and would immediately attract them to the television screen to watch them. The camera then focuses onto Eric Cantona, the “master” character of scorpion football, who paints two goals and tell the players, “First to one hundred wins!

” For many football fans, the life and actions of a football superstar are fascinating and would be a dream come true for them, with astonishingly high salaries and amazing skills. Much of this reality seems unreal to many people, and Nike uses this point to push the fantasy to the limit-by having six of the world’s best football players gathered together in an abandoned ship in the middle of nowhere, playing first to one hundred goals football. As the game starts, we expect some very cool football skills to be demonstrated, and we’re not disappointed.

There is a fast montage of the players, performing incredible skill to the perfection with a fast paced, upbeat song in the background. Every now and then, Cantona would add some humorous commentary to the game, lightening the mood. Every time a player scores, we can see the nuts and bolts of the ship loosening, showing the power of the shot. After Cantona shouts, “Next goal wins! ” Figo blasts the ball into the goal and turns around to celebrate, but the shot has broken the ship, and water comes gushing in from the sea, knocking Figo over.

The camera then comes out of the ship, showing it sinking, and the players scrambling to get to a raft. The final screen shows, “Nikefootball. com” with its trademark tick. I think that the connotations used in this advert would appeal much more strongly to the target audience than the Natwest advert, although the Nike advert’s target audience may be less in number. The Nike advert is also used for entertainment purposes, and the real adverts are in www. nikefootball.

com, where the products are presented. In a way, these two adverts completely contrast eachother, as the Natwest advert is based on the theme of being stereotypical and solving a current issue that affects many people, as well as showing the importance of communication. The Nike advert is anything but stereotypical, attracting the audience with its sheer “coolness”, and is an advert which people want to watch again and again as they try to master the skills on the advert and be more like their idols.

These two adverts are both very appealing and persuasive but the persuasion is delivered in completely different ways. The Natwest advert is persuasive because it makes people want their simple, effective services. The Nike advert is persuasive because it is so cool and fantastical that it makes the viewer want to be part of it. An effective, persuasive advert makes people want the product/service advertised, and changes people’s views on the product/service, not forcing people, but making people feel like that it was their own wish.

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