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The website I used is reliable because the information is similar to other websites that I had researched. The content of the website is based on teenage pregnancy and the effects it has on teenage mothers there is also a small part which is about family life. The information is structured in a way that everybody can read. The language the website uses is formal because there isn’t any slang language. The layout of the website is good because the information is put into paragraphs which make it easier for the reader to read and understand and lastly it doesn’t make the reader get bored of the text. There wasn’t a last update for the text because it was a review from someone.

This website answered my first aim which was how far the education of a teenager affected by pregnancy? From what I found out it says that teenagers feel they are mature enough to deal with the act of sex, but they cannot fully appreciate the affects it may incur; however, they may well know what they are. From what I understood from the sentence is that education is affected by pregnancy because before a girl gets pregnant she doesn’t think about the consequences she might face. The teenage mother cannot look after the baby and go to school at the same time. She needs to either go school or leave education to look after her baby.

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The response I had in my research which I found out that wasn’t the same as my questionnaire was that I had asked this question: Do you think girls get pregnant at young ages because they don’t get taught about sex education enough at schools they don’t know anything about it? Most people had said don’t know. However in my research it said a reason why there is an increase in teen pregnancy is because there is a lack of adequate teaching in sex education.

The response I had in my research which I found out that was similar to my questionnaire was that I had asked this question: What do you think about teenage pregnancy? Most of my respondents had answered as not ok and in my research it says that teenage pregnancy is an issue that ahs plagued Britain for some time, and only seems to be worsening. This makes the reader think that writer thinks teen pregnancy is not ok as well because it s trying to say that teen pregnancy is increasing.

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