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My first client is a female. She is 38. in her adulthood. She lives in a four bedroom house in Manchester. She actually really likes her neighbourhood, because for her it’s perfect, really quite. She’s been living there for five years. She lives with her husband and her two sons. Her husband is 53. He has been married before and had three children with his ex wife. She doesn’t eat healthy. The only exercise that she takes is when her husband has to use her car once a week and then she has to take a five minute walk to work. When she was a teenager she used to be really thin, even that she’s been always eaten junkie food. But then comes the adulthood, the marriage, the kids and the real weight as well. She smokes almost a pack per day, and drinks an amount of 5 can of beer in every week and in the weekend the amount really increases. The only operation that she had was the caesarean labour.

She has got a degree in Business and she has her own Translations Company that she worked really hard to build it. She has got many people working for her. She started to work as an assistant in a big company of telesales, it was too stressing but she has always been really hard working. She was gaining experience, and she started to plain about her own company. she met her husband and he supported her about her idea, he gave her the money to start a successful partner ship with one of the girls that she met in the university. She didn’t know how stressful it would be to be the chef.

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She used to like to swim when she was a teenager, she used to really enjoy it, but after marriage she doesn’t have time for hobbies. She really occupies herself taking care of her company and her family. She loves her family, and she would do everything for them. Lately she has been with low self esteem, because she has gaining too much weight. And her husband hasn’t given her the attention that he used to, and that she needs to. He had spent too much time with his ex wife and his other children. She usually had had some sad thought about what can be happening.

She has got many friends, she is very out going. But once lost her confidence she can get really shy. She relates really well with her parents yet. She visits them once a week usually every Thursday night. Even if she is really busy with her work she takes a time to see them. My client needs a healthy, balanced diet containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and a fair amount of water. She needs regular exercise. She is near the middle of her adulthood, and if she doesn’t follow a good diet, she will easily get a heart disease or cholesterol.

She needs regular check-ups of cervical smears, eye tests, developmental tests and dental tests. She needs to take her regular medicine, specially her iron pills because of her anaemia. Intellectual During the day Client 1 goes to work. She keeps her mind occupied all day, but she likes a lot all about it. It would be really good if she goes again to a nutritionist. She went to see one a year ago. There she was taught about how important it is to eat a healthy diet and how she needs to stop smoking and drinking if she wants to keep alive and healthy.

The only thing that she learned and uses is the information about her anaemia. Emotional She is in a stable serious relationship. She’s been married for twelve years. She married him when she was 26 and he was 41. She considers herself very happy about her marriage because she married in the right time. Within her marriage, her two sons are the most important thing in her life. Her husband and children gives her a lot of encouragement and support about anything that she needs. She feels safe talking about money. She worked really hard and now she’s got a good source as well as her husband, which makes her happy knowing that she can help her sons now.

Her self esteem is quite low. The thing that most makes her uncomfortable is the relationship between her husband and his ex. Specially when he spends a lot of time with his sons from his ex marriage. Social She used to have a lot of friends but with the marriage and the children, she is just close friends with her sister and some girls at her work, which she goes out to drink. She doesn’t have a hobby. But she would like to learn how to cook. If she had time she would love to take a course about it. She needs to take some time to things that she likes that please herself.

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