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“It’s superb! My Magic Broom just zips through the cleaning in no time!” “My Magic Broom has taken all the work out of cleaning, thank you Bissell” “I was really amazed at how something so light could pick up so much.” I think this advertisement is very persuasive. Big, bright, broad block letters really emphasizes this. The word magic is constantly repeated, as it is part of the title. Amazingly is also repeated more than once. All the main titles and sub titles are all emphasized.

There is quite an amount of adjectives used in the advert, they include; Magic, amazingly, effective, clean, specially, easy, glide, record time, touch of a button, slim line and unbeatable. This is the majority of the adjectives used. There are also some technical words used to impress and persuade us more, such as “An anatomically designed hand grip.” This basically means that the handgrip has been shaped to precision skill and can also be used for children to use in a fun and safe way! There is a plethora of positive words used as I have previously mentioned. There is one command and that is on the coupon at the bottom of the page. “Post your no risk coupon today” is what we are commanded to do.

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In this advert we are to identify with the electronic and gadget company, Bissell. Overall the advert is to make us get the cleaning done quicker so it can fit under the heading of to feel better and have more time for other things in life! Yet also to feel good about yourself. This product can be obtained via post or phone. Not such a wide selection of delivery method but still a selection. The telephone number is in big bold letters also.

There is a company logo visible in this advert. The shape of it is a little red triangle with smoothed edges. This triangle is then split in half, as the company name has to go in somewhere. This logo is situated in the bottom left area of the advert but not to the extreme left. Overall this is a good advertisement and the product looks quite interesting! It would be great for all people and not just old age pensioner’s as it also says in the text that children can do the cleaning too!

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