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An analysis of the text ‘The Day After Forever’ by Erin Skiffington, reveals that Fiction texts not only entertain but instruct. They tell us more about the society we live in. Instruct is “To provide with knowledge, especially in a methodical way”. This story has many events that instruct us more about the society we live in and inform us more about life. The main Issues/Themes/Values&Attitudes presented in this text are : Friendship, Love, Trust, Courage, Loneliness, Domestic Violence, Rape and Death. By going into detail about these issues/themes/values&attitudes to show how Fiction novels not only entertain but instruct.

They tell us more about the society we live in. The Day After Forever is an emotional story centering around four teenagers who discover and demonstrate the true meaning of friendship. It illustrates the agony surrounding horrific events and how friendship will always stand strong against the circumstances. Jeff has leukemia. The whole purpose of organising the holiday down to Lake Tarawera was so he could spend the last moments of his life in the same place where his parents died. Yet he cannot help but fall for Courtney – who is shy, pretty, yet secretive.

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No matter how her friends try to help, she shies away – sheltering her secret from them as best as possible. Eddie is confident, handsome – a regular “babe magnet”; and he is also attracted to Courtney, and concerned about her. he is also the one who knows about Jeff’s plight and the seriousness of it. Toni is loud, outgoing… and she knows it. She also knows that if it weren’t for her, Eddie would be floating in the clouds somewhere. The first theme, and the most predominant in the novel, being discussed is Friendship. Eddie, Jeff, Toni and Courtney are all very good friends.

The friendship between Jeff and Eddie is very strong and they trust and respect one another. Eddie and Toni are also quite good friends, partly because Toni likes him and Eddie thinks Toni is different to the other girls. Courtney is new to the group but gets along well. She is shy and touchy on certain subjects they talk about as a group. Throughout the whole novel there is friendship being performed. They all help each other out when advice or help is needed. This instructs the reader by giving them a basic knowledge of what other people’s friendships are like/might be like in contrast to their own.

At first we are intrigued and entertained with the friendship between the four because they all have secrets, which aren’t completely revealed until the end. Then at the end of the novel the reader reflects on how this might happen in their society through friends. This story concentrates on how important friendship is to people in the novel, but also if reflected in detail, to people in society. Through the friendship of the four there was developed love for one another, some on an intimate basis and others on a friendship basis.

Jeff developed, through an uncanny mishap, a love for Courtney. Jeff didn’t know Courtney too well and as the story progressed they grew closer together. When they are on holiday in Lake Tamawara they first get to know each other a bit, then towards the end just before Jeff dies he tells Courtney “I love you, Courtie. I’ll be… your angel. ” Courtney replies by saying “I love you too, Jeff”. Then she kisses him. Throughout the novel there is evidence of the two in love when they say things in their mind. Things such as: Courtney thinks “its so perfect here.

Why can’t it always be like this” and “Spare him, Lord spare my Jeff. Please! ” Eddie and Toni have a more open/friendly relationship, they call each other pet names and say that they love each other, but they both know they aren’t serious. They ‘love’ each other as just friends and not much else. Love is present at different stages in this novel; this shows the reader that there are many ways in which people love one another. This tells us that people should love one another and not to take things/people for granted.

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