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The main purpose and meaning of care values are to “foster people’s rights and responsibilities”. Examples of this could be the right to be different Scenarios linked with Care Values “Jonathon works in a nursery with very small children on the same street as he lives. One of the neighbours met him on his lunch hour at a sandwich stand and asked ‘how is little Jimmy getting on, his mother tries so hard? ‘ Jonathon replied ‘oh he is doing well, though he is slow at times’. ”

In this scenario, Jonathon hasn’t applied the care value of maintaining the confidentiality of information as he is giving out information he shouldn’t about the children he works with which could actually lead to him being dismissed. If I was put in Jonathon’s situation I would have just informed the neighbour that all of the children are doing well as this prevents any personal information getting out by not actually singling out one particular child thus respecting the care base value.

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“Alice is 26 and is in hospital recovering from a miscarriage. Her best friend Paula is a nurse on the ward. When Alice’s boyfriend visits her in hospital, he asks Paula about Alice. ” Paula mustn’t give out any information about Alice’s condition to Alice’s boyfriend although she may feel awkward being in this situation as this will be breaking the “maintain confidentially of information” rule. If she did tell the boyfriend and someone found out she could be put in a situation that could jeopardize her career.

If I was in this situation I would tell Alice’s boyfriend that I wasn’t allowed to tell him even though I wanted to as it would risk my job. Then I would advise him to ask a doctor in order to get the information he was seeking. “Justine is 16 years old and she has a very close relationship with her parents. Recently she has visited her GP and asked to go on the pill. Her mother saw her coming out of the surgery.

Justine’s mother went in and asked the receptionist why her daughter was there. The receptionist told Justine’s mother why she had come in as she knew that Justine would tell her parents anyway. ” I believe that this was definitely the wrong thing to do and was an extreme breach of the confidentiality of information care base value. This could have resulted in the receptionist losing her job as she is not allowed to give out any personal information to anyone even the parents.

It is not acceptable to just assume that Justine would tell her parent this information so it would just be advisable to not give any information out. In this situation I would tell Justine’s mother that you understand that as her parent she would be worried about why her daughter was visiting the surgery but that I’m not actually allowed to give out any patient information because of confidentiality laws and that you could get in a lot of trouble for telling her. I would advise her to ask her daughter herself about the reasons for her visit.

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