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Killerton House have hearing loops installed in the shop and the reception so that people with hearing difficulties can then hear what is being said, all they have to do is change the setting on their hearing aid to ‘T’ and it will connect with the hearing loop. This is a really good piece of equipment to have because it helps to make people with hearing difficulties feel a lot more comfortable going to this place. Killerton house also offer a wide range of access for disabled people.

These include a volunteer-driven buggy to take disabled drivers from the car park the house and garden. To get into the house there are three steps at the entrance but you can have a ramp at request. They also have a stairclimber to costume displays, and wheelchairs. In the shop they have a wheelchair lift to the upper level and the garden has gravel paths and grass. Killerton House provide a table and chair in the women’s WCs near the stable courtyard and at the house.

They provide a children’s guide, quiz sheet for the house, children’s menu and highchairs. Also babies in back carriers and single pushchairs are allowed in all areas and the discovery centre is open most weekends when the house is open. Killerton House offer a vegetarian menu, Children’s menu and locally produced home-made food. They have a licensed Garden Tea-room in the house, (can be booked for special functions), and they have an Orchard Tea-room in the Stable block. The whole of Killerton House is set up for retired people.

They have exhibitions, guided walks and tours, and the Paulise de Bush collection of 18th- to 20th-century costume is displayed, with a different themed exhibition every year. All these things appeal to retired people. The royal beacon have many things to offer leisure and business travellers. For the leisure travellers they have bars and restaurants. Their Fennels restaurant is available for all manner of occasions, from intimate dinners to family reunions and weddings. The restaurant serves a range of delicious and traditional dishes which cater for a variety of tastes and requirements.

They also have the restaurant called ‘Donatos’ which is located deep within the Royal Beacon Hotels cellars, this is the cheaper restaurant out of the two, therefore it may be more suitable for couples and families. They also have a bar and lounge, called ‘Marine bar and lounge’. The bar and lounge is the meeting place of various local groups and societies, as well as a loyal band of local customers. The Exmouth bar is a warm a comfortable area that is tastefully decorated, and accompanied by their Georgian lounge, which has an open fire and fine views of the Devon coastline.

They also have a newly refurbished ‘Parlour lounge’ for their guests to relax in. All of the rooms in the Beacon Hotel have direct dial phones, trouser press and tea and coffee making facilities, also room service meals are available during restaurant opening hours. For the business travellers they have a range of conference facilities, ranging from room arrangements to secretary assistants, all at fair prices. The trouser press in the rooms is an excellent facility for business travellers to have as they will more than likely be wearing a suit at some point during their stay at the hotel.

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