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It is very important to maintain appropriate relationship with other professionals by being polite and listening to what they have to say. In my placement I have to communicate with the teacher and other Early Years Practitioners throughout the day, when I talk to a adult I give them my full attention and listen to their views and respect what they have to say. It is vitally important to maintain good relationship with other professionals so that I can learn new ways to help children and also learn new skills to help me for the future. Working in a multi-agency team is that you get to work with different professionals who all come together to help the child in concern.

In my placement we have a little boy who has problems with saying `f“ when saying fire he will say sire, his key worker and his mother has picked up on this problem so with the agreement of his mother the key worker has referred him to a speech and language therapist, this is where the multi- agency team will come together and find ways to help improve this little boys letter sounds so that he can learn the right way to pronounce the letter `f`. By working with the multi-agency professionals the little boy and his mother will receive the support they need to help him get through this. As a Practitioner you will need to know on how to work with other professionals. You will need to communicate and understand their role to, as well as they responsibilities. By working in paternership with them you will be focussing on the child and they best interest.

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This means that you will not have to ask the same things over and over again. You and them will see things together and will be able to support the children and they families together. Little Victoria Climbie died because the multi-agency did not work together so it is very important that all multi agency workers come together and provide the best service in helping vulnerable children. Practitioners should have appropriate relationship with parents by having good communication with them e.g. keeping them informed about how they child is developing. Some parents feel anxious when they leave they child in someone’s care so they should be reassured and the practitioner will need to be polite and understanding towards the parent. Practitioner should also find ways so that the parent can come into the school and spend time in the class and see how they child spends the day.

C. A successful Practitioner should have personal qualities such as patient, good listening skills, understanding, a caring nature and must be fun. These qualities will ensure children feel valued and included. He/she must enjoy the work they are doing. Children will want to spend time in the company of a Practitioner with these qualities. When looking back at my placement I find that children’s views are listened to, the main areas the Practitioners work on is providing the best for the children where they views are heard and each child is valued as an individual. Practitioners have good communication relationship with the children where children then feel comfortable to talk to them. I have seen when Practitioners communicate well with children it boosts their self esteem and self worth. It makes them feel that they are listened to and they take interest in what they do, this will give them confidence.

B. Maintaining Confidentiality At placement we had a meeting the reason for this meeting was to get to know the special needs children’s. The special needs workers provided information about each child with additional needs. We were handed a booklet each with each child’s picture, name, and date of birth, condition and needs. This information was confidential as it had all the details of each child in it. We were told to keep the booklet in a safe place and that the information should not be shared with anyone outside the building about what was discussed about these children and their needs. By keeping this information confident we would be protecting the children and their families and also by following the confidential policy in the setting.


The reason on why you should read the child protection policy is to protect you and the child e.g. if you are approached by a child wanting to talk, you should listen positively and reassure the child. Write everything down and report it to the person in charge straight away. Ways to protect yourself is never to be alone in the classroom with the child always be with another member of staff, don’t get to close or have a favourite child treat all children individually, with respect and dignity and maintain a safe and appropriate distance with children.


The reason on why you should use the behaviour policy because it will tell you on how to deal with unwanted behaviour, it is against the law to smack a child no matter how difficult they behaviour is to handle. You should try your best to help the child with behaviour problems by being calm and having good eye contact and explaining that this is not acceptable. You should try to help the child who has behaviour issues by involving the child more in helping you, praising the child when you see he/she has worked hard on achieving or making something.

A. When there is talk about child centred approach I always look back on placement and see if they apply this approach well to be honest I don’t think they do. I feel that children don’t really set they own activity up its already there for them all planned. All what the children have to do is get on with it and play. I have to admit that if the children like what the adult has set up for them then it will be extended. But otherwise I don’t see much of a child centred approach in placement where I am. My own opinions are that children should choice what they want to play with, basically children should set up they own activities that interests them; by allowing them to do this it will help them in many ways. These days Practitioners are more worried that children need to achieve everything in the EYFS, why worry over that let the children grow and blossom the way they want to, let them enjoy and live they childhood. That’s how I feel!

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