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This advertisement is using the value appeal and appeal status technique to sell guitars. This ad is using the value appeal technique to sell guitars. The ad is offering free shipping. With free shipping you don’t need to waste gas to go to the store, buy the guitar, and you don’t need to waste gas to come. If you walk to the store you would be wasting time and the guitar is heavy, so it would be hard for you to come back. Also, shipping cost money, but in this store it is free. Under ‘free shipping’ it says that you have to pay more than ninety-nine dollars to have free shipping. The company probably wrote small so, you don’t read the line. Probably the guitars are less than ninety-nine dollars so, you don’t get free shipping. If you don’t get free shipping the company gets more profit.

The company is using the appeal to status technique to sell guitars. They are promising the lowest price. But, the lowest price is one cent. They are using the instead of a. ‘The’ represents only one, but ‘a’ represents more than one. ‘The’ lowest price is one cent, but ‘a’ low price can be any price. Also, they are promising, so you should get the guitar for one cent. Under that is writing that says the company would beat or meet any competitors and the offer is only valid for 45 days.

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Again, the company probably wrote small because they would want their full profit. Also, the company is promising you satisfaction. So, the company is telling you would like it. But, if you don’t like the guitar you can return it for your money back. Under ‘total satisfaction guaranteed’ there is writing saying you can return the guitar within forty-five days. The company wouldn’t want you to read that because if you did, you can get your money back and there goes the companies profit.

The target audience is people who play guitar. Since, the store is a guitar store, guitarist would want to buy guitars. Also, the store sells guitar equipments. Also, it is targeted for starters. They have a variety of guitars to choose from and the right equipment. The guitarists or starters would be very serious since the store has a variety, so, you can choose the right one. They would be very picky. They would usually buy the expensive guitar since it is a better quality. The equipment would probably be in the middle of cheap and expensive. It is probably at the middle-class range.

Graphic In the foreground there are pictures of different guitars. They are all different colours all shaped in different irregular shapes. The picture of the guitar is very detailed. The guitars in the front stand out more since they look like they are in front of others. The guitars in the back look as if there are better quality. The guitars in the front look like they are for starters. The guitars in the front are lighter than the guitars at the back. This makes the guitars in the front stand out because of the dark background. The guitars in the back are dark slightly slanted as they start to blend in with the dark background. The orange, and especially the white wording standout because the background is complete black. The orange and white are lighter; they are complete opposites of the black making them standout.

Logo The logo is Musician’s Friend. The logo is huge which makes it stand out. A treble cleff represents the company. It is colourful and decorative making the logo also stand out. The company is probably considered musician’s friend because musicians best friend is there music and instrument. Musicians protect their instrument and music as if it were their life. A treble cleff is an important symbol of music. This ad is a product ad because they are selling a guitar in the ad. There are pictures of guitars that take up 1/2 of the page. Also, in the ad it is talking about the guitars. The slogan is ‘everything for a guitarist’ and for a guitarist to be a guitarist he needs a guitar. The guitars are detailed and stand out since they are in the fore ground.

Commit This ad is using the testimonial technique to sell commit. They are saying that commit has proven to help quit smoking and is recommended by the consumers of health care. If people who smoke have proved it, it probably works. People are important testers. You’re a human and if it works on others it should work on you. Also, the doctors recommend the product. Doctors can’t lie! Doctors use special technology to see to make the product so it works. They do test, after tests to make the medicine work. If it has been proven by technology and on people there is no chance it won’t work. This will attract people who try to stop quitting. Finally the doctors did a test trial with commit and placebo and commit doubles your chance of quitting smoking.

The target audience is people who smoke. The ad is selling commit to help smokers to stop quitting. Commit has been proven to work three ways. One way was by technology, the second way was testing it on people and the final way was a trial with another type of nicorette. These will gradually increases the target audience in buying this product. Font The font isn’t huge because not many people smoke or try to stop smoking. On the very bottom in small writing is ‘vs. placebo. Use as directed, take one lozenge, every 1-2hours. Individual results may vary.’ Commit probably doesn’t want you to read that because they are criticizing the other company. The font doesn’t look very convincing since the writing is small. One very good thing the ad has is it has the important parts of the ad in bold.

Slogan The slogan is ‘you didn’t learn to hit a bull’s eye on your first try. Quitting smoking takes practice too.’ This means that you couldn’t accomplish something on your first try. Quitting smoking is hard. It takes practice. The slogan makes sense. It is meaningful. But, it isn’t a catchy slogan that you would tell your friends about. This ad is a public service ad as well as a product ad. It is a public service ad because the ad is promoting people to stop quitting. It is telling them that it is hard, but it takes practice. Smoking is bad for your health and you shouldn’t smoke. The ad is a product ad because it is selling commit. There is a detailed picture of how the commit box looks like. Also, the writing beside the commit box is telling about commit. How to use it and how it helps. Doctors recommend commit.

MP3 Napster is using the value appeal technique to sell their product. Napster is giving a free MP3 when you sign a three-month subscription of Napster To Go. This will attract many customers because you are getting a free MP3 player when you are just signing a subscription. What the problem with this is, what is the subscription for? It probably is a payment or donation to Napster and they will get their money from that.

Since, you are paying to Napster you’re actually paying for the MP3. This is one way for companies to get their money from subscriptions. Also, Napster is giving you unlimited downloads for your MP3 without paying ninety-nine cents for every track. This will attract more customers because you get a MP3 and you have unlimited downloads. You would think that is unbelievable and you would tell your friends about it. When you tell your friends about it you are actually advertising for the company because you’re telling about the ad.

The target audience is ages 16 and up because you have to sign a subscription. Many people would want to sign the subscription and get the free downloads and MP3 but parents don’t allow you because you don’t know what the subscription is. Also, having the responsibility of taking care of a MP3 is hard. The MP3 is small, so it is easy to loose and easy to break. The people who have the MP3 have to also, be responsible for the subscription. Altogether the target audience is responsible teenagers and adults.

Font The word ‘free’ is the largest word on the page. It stands out because the background is dark blue and light colours stand out on dark. Free is probably the hugest word because you get the MP3 for free. You have to pay nothing. The slogan is the largest writing on the ad because it is telling the best or main part of the ad. On the very bottom there is writing in small. The company doesn’t want you to read that because the company wants their full profit. On the bottom the main sentence is ‘an active subscription required.’ If you don’t read that and your subscription is not active, you can’t download free tracks.

Slogan The slogan is ‘peace on earth and a free MP3 player.’ This is saying everyone would be happy with a MP3 player. Since, the background has snow I guess the company wants you to give anyone one of their MP3 players as a Christmas gift. Everyone would be happy! This is ad is a product ad because Napster is giving a free MP3 player if you sign a subscription. Also, there is a picture of a MP3 player on the ad. Beside the MP3 there is writing saying how to purchase a MP3 player and free downloads of tracks.

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