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This ad is using the testimonial technique by using Emeka Okafor (rookie of the year 2005) a famous basketball player. He is a pro for three years. From the day he joined and till now he is an unstoppable player. By looking at the picture of Emeka Okafor he looks like he is around 22 years old. In 2007 he is 25 years old. This ad was probably published in 2005. Emeka Okafor would get atleast 20 points every game.

He was considered unstoppable. The ad is saying Emeka is unstoppable, so the watch is unstoppable since he wears it. This would attract many customers because they would think they would be unstoppable if they wear that watch since Emeka wears it. But, it is not true. The ad wants you to think that so they would get profit. Emeka accomplished what he wanted through hard work and working to his goal.

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This ad is also using the technical appeal by saying the watch is fueled by light and, that is a main part of the watch. If the watch runs on light you don’t need buy batteries. This is a very good tactic by telling why the watch is one of the best. This will attract customers, especially customers who want save money or the environment. You would save money because you don’t need to buy batteries when the battery is finished. Also, you would be wasting money to go there if you drive since the gasoline runs out. If you were walking you would be wasting time. You would be saving the environment because the battery is made up of chemicals.

When the battery is dead the garbage workers would put them in landfill. The battery is made of acid so it would destroy the landfill and causes radiation. By not using batteries this does not happen. By looking at the picture of the watch it looks complicated with many functions. Since, it runs on light you don’t need to buy batteries. But, what will happen when the sun goes down. The watch won’t work. So, the watch is stoppable, unless you put the watch under a lamp or another source that gives light in the night.

Finally, this ad has the emotional appeal tactic. This ad has the writing ‘It’s unstoppable just like the people who wear it.’ Practically this ad is saying you would be unstoppable if you wear this watch. You won’t be unstoppable if you wear that watch. It matters about your skills. Anyone can wear the watch even if you aren’t unstoppable. The company wants you to think you would be unstoppable if you wear this watch. If you think you would be unstoppable if you wear that watch you would buy it. Everyone would want to be unstoppable, but that is not possible. Also, they are criticizing all the people who don’t wear this watch by saying they aren’t unstoppable. Again, it doesn’t matter about the watch it matters about your skills. Kobe Bryant doesn’t wear that watch and he’s a pro for 11 years in basketball.

Target Audience

The target audience is men around the age of 25. They would probably be serious since they think they are unstoppable. Also, it is a high-class watch so many high-class people would want to save time and money. The watch has many functions and it is fueled by light so it would be very expensive. Also, Emeka Okafor wears the watch and he is now 25 years old. Emeka’s face looks as if he is serious that he is unstoppable. The way he is holding the basketball he also looks serious. Since, Emeka Okafor is an unstoppable basketball player it is probably meant for unstoppable sports player. Altogether the watch is mainly meant for serious, unstoppable, rich sport players. Also, the watch runs on light. Since it runs on light it is also meant for environment, and money savers. The name Eco-Drive is means environment career organizers. They are people who love the environment.

Font The word unstoppable is bold unlike all the other words. That is saying the watch will never stop because it is unstoppable. The watch runs on light. But, in the night there is no light, so how will it work. You could put the watch under a lamp or another source of light. It would be a waste of electricity. Also, the words ‘It’s unstoppable’ is large. The company would want you to know it’s unstoppable and want you to tell others since it’s so amazing.

Then they are making you do their work by telling them about it. When you tell others about the product, you are actually advertising the company’s product by explaining it to them. Under the words ‘It’s unstoppable is a phrase. ‘Just like the people who wear it.’ The company is saying you would be unstoppable if you wear this watch. If you don’t wear this watch you are not unstoppable. A watch has nothing to do with being unstoppable. Being unstoppable has to do with your mental or physical abilities.

Logo The logo Citizen Eco-Drive means people who are environmental career organizers. They are environment lovers. Since the watch is fueled by light it is energy efficient. The watch was built based on energy free. The company does not care about their profits, but cares about saving energy. You can tell this because the logo isn’t huge comparing to other ads. Also, the name gives it out. The logo is a globe. By looking at the globe you can tell that it is something about the environment.

This is a product advertisement for Citizen Eco-Drive. There is a watch hat takes up 1/4 of the page. It is the main picture in the ad. You can tell this because the watch is in the foreground and it is very detailed. It is the only picture that stands out. It would be the first picture you see. Also, in the ad they are talking about the watch’s quality. Why the watch is special The company is using Emeka Okafor to represent the watch. Therefore, the ad is a product advertisement.

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