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A View from the Bridge was set in America in the late 1940. Arthur Miller was inspired to write the play by the Italian immigrants. He was very interested in their community and social background. The plot of the play was based on the reality of their living conditions. The play was set in Red Hook, a slum area where the Carbones and other Italian immigrants live. Now I would like to discuss about Marco and Rodolfo, the two illegal immigrants ‘s hopes and dreams of coming to America.

Marco, the older brother was described as ” Square – built peasant, suspicious, tender and quiet voiced. ” These descriptions that introduced Marco as he entered the play was show to the audiences that he is an ordinary man but strong, thoughtful and polite. When Marco starts to make speeches and comments about his reasons of coming to America, we discovered that he is very mature and reasonable. ” I want to tell you – Eddie when you say go, we will go” His speech makes we see that Marco is very grateful that Eddie allows both of them to live in his place.

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Marco used the word ” We” indicating Rodolfo to show that Rodolfo is also thankful of his kindness although the word did not come from his own mouth. This shows that Marco is more mature and more polite than Rodolfo. In his speech Marco also shows respect for Eddie when he first arrived at the house. ” What can I do? The older one is sick in his chest. My wife – she feeds them from her own mouth. To tell you the truth, if I stay there they will never grow up” This shows that Marco ‘s sense of responsibility is very strong; perhaps he would do anything to keep his family happy.

His speech makes us think to the reality of the world and how some people have to struggle to live. In this case Marco had force himself to leave home and work in order to support his family’s needs. As Marco explains his situation, seriously to Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine but on the other hand, Rodolfo the younger brother always jokes around about their home country. ” (He laughs) in harvest time we work in the fields … if there is work. Anything. Rodolfo paints a picture of a poor, peasant town but somehow he managed to make it sounds humorous.

This shows the different point of view of the two brothers. Marco tends to be very serious and have thoughts that seem to occupy him but Rodolfo presents a lively man with sense of humors. Rodolfo seems to be having a relaxing time throughout the conversation and seems to be laughing all the time where as Marco puts on tension in the room. Also they seem to have different ideas especially when it comes to hopes and dreams. When Beatrice queried Rodolfo about how long he plans to stay in America he said ” Yes, forever!

Me, I want to be an American, and then I want to go back to Italy when I am rich, and I will buy a motorcycle. ” From this point we discovered that the reason of Rodolfo migrating to American is that he wants to be rich. But somehow his speech does not make him sounds selfish. It just indicates that he is ambitious and willing to make his life better. When Rodolfo told Beatrice and Catherine that he wanted a motorcycle it make we imagine that he is adventurous. ” (Laughing) It’s terrible! We stand around all day in this pizza listening to the fountain like birds.

Rodolfo ‘s language and style of speaking made him sounds intelligent and sensitive nature shines through the words he uses like ” birds”. We also see Rodolfo as a good-looking, young man when he made an immediate impact on Catherine. It also shows that he is passionate and that is love is genuine and powerful. Throughout the essay I discovered the different points of view that Marco and Rodolfo have. They both came to America for the same reason, opportunities to work, and money and to avoid starvation in Sicily. But their hopes and dreams are still very different.

Their illegal status or “submarines” and the terrible unemployment and poverty where they have come from and their absolute need to work, which in Marco’s case means life or death of his family, make their situation even more desperate. Marco concentrates on supporting for his family needs but Rodolfo seems to want fame and money to built his life, just like every young man would do. The main reason of him coming to the America would probably to experience the new world that is open to everyone and “full with freedom” which was very different from his home country, Italy.

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