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Food, Warmth, water from parent. Medical support. Vaccination for long term protection. Very reliant on primary carers for emotional support. Learning to play and learning from new situations. Walking gives access to range of areas. Food, warmth and protection from carers. Learning through playing. Formal education. Very reliant on carers for emotional support and as models for beliefs. Developing circle of friends. Greater range of social contact. Rapid growth and puberty linked to taking more personal needs. Formal education. More learning from experience as new situations are met in peer groups.

A time mixed emotions needing careful support. Starts to move away from parents to peer for support. Peer group (people of same age and interests) becomes very important. Group membership provides support beyond the family. Senses become less efficient. General wear and tear means support from others or artificial aids may be needed. Mental activity often outstrips ability leading to some frustration activities are very important. Family will have left home. One partner may die. Children become independent, emotional support needs to come from other people.

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Reduced ability may result in low self-esteem and self-worth. Hierarchy is a theory in psychology made by Abraham Maslow, it was proposed in the year 1943 13. “A Theory of Human Motivation”. The Hierarchy if needs is usually seen as a pyramid, which is divided into five parts which are the self-actualisation, Esteem needs, Love. belonging needs, safety needs and the phsychological needs. 14. The higher needs in this hierarchy only come into focus when the lower needs in the pyramid are satisfied. When a person moves to a next level, the level that that person is no longer prioritised.

However, if one of the lower needs is not met, the person will go back and re-proiritise that need by focusing attention on that unfullfiled need. People needs to be respected, to have self-esteem and to respect others. People with low self-esteem needs respect from others. Confidence, competence and achievement only need one person and everyone else is insignificant to one’s own success. People who have low-esteem cannot be improved by how they see themselves by simply receiving respect and fame from others, but their self-esteem can improve first if they accept themselves within.

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