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The farther dresses in a business like way, smartly and well dressed. Compared with the tramp, he is above the city. The tramp is a metaphor of all the waste and lies in the city, and the farther a metaphor of the things which guide us-he represents protection and safety. Although he is always there, he cannot resolve all problems that do exist. This is portrayed in the advert as the two metaphors linking hands, and the Dad not being shown in all the child’s shots. The mother represents the beauty and grace of the car. The car glides into the scene noiselessly, then the mother collects the girl and farther and then drives on. This represents that we can win, and carry on despite all the disturbances, which lurks around.

There are black and white images only in the advert because it is linked with the target audience. The target audience is generally the parents of the family, as it is a family car. The age of the parents is around thirty pluses, and this age group would be familiar with black and white television. Together with the music a vast array of emotions sweep across the audience, from joy to sadness. The end result emerges as the car saving the day, the car being victorious. The audiences recognizes this and maybe pursue in buying the car.

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The setting of the advert is New York city, which the audience is familiar with. New York is possibly the symbol of pride and justice, and is seen as being the capitol of freedom. But the city is being portrayed as a dark and grimy place, almost unpleasant place. This is what the audience would think. This toys with the audience’s emotions, as they believe the stereotype to be misconceived.

The sounds in the advert play another important part, both diagetic and non-diagetic. However there is little diagetic sounds, such as the tramp preaching. The non-diagetic sounds of the chaos in the city represent the busyness and urgency of the city. The music adds to the atmosphere, and sets the audience thinking. The message from the song relates to the action in the advertisement, and the characters. The music combined with the black and white images are a powerful method moving the audiences emotions. The car ties in with all the features in the advert, as being the symbol of our protection, which is what the audience believes. The association of this persuades the audience to buy the car, which is the aim of Volkswagen. The car itself is shiny and is easily seen. Compared to the other cars seen briefly in the advert, the Passat is far superior.

“If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen.” Volkswagen have included this to the advert because it sums up everything viewed in the advert, and relates the product not other things. Personally I believe the advert is very successful. The advertising company have taken a very different approach, much more appealing to the audience’s emotions. Rather than the approach taken by different car companies. The advert has ingenious way of combining the product with the message, and the audience associate the car with the message.

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