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When Tituba enters the room Abigail is quick to noticing that she could use her as a scapegoat. The fact that Tituba is a Negro slave from Barbados makes her an easy target, as the people in the room at the time will not believe her innocence over Abigail’s. They were racist at the time, as Senator McCarthy was to communists. Giles Corey is a person who within the community does not do much. He doesn’t go to church very often and so is frowned upon by Parris.

When he tries to talk to Reverend Hale about his wife reading books he doesn’t quite realise how ignorant he is being. He has landed his wife in unnecessary bother, as, during this period, women seen reading strange books would be accused of witchcraft. His ignorance in this matter leads to his wife’s ad his own death. He also carried out a petition where anybody who wrote their names on agreed to the fact that the hearings were a farce. He was stoned to death because he refused to give the names of the people who had signed the petition.

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Tituba is the first person to be accused in the play, as she is a Negro slave and was easily believed to be in league with the devil. Tituba confesses, after denying it several times, as she knows she will die a slow and painful death otherwise. “No, no, don’t hang Tituba! I tell him I don’t desire to work for him, sir.” Parris threatened her with being whipped to death and Putnam with being hanged if she did not confess. So the thing she did was confess to knowing the Devil but not compacting with him as they would respect her more if she had the strength to stand up to the Devil. Tituba is discriminated against because she was from Barbados and they did not understand and therefore feared her culture. Just as they do with witchcraft. She quickly goes on to accuse somebody else:

“Mister Reverend, I do believe somebody else be witchin’ these children.” (Who) “I don’t know, sir, but the Devil got him numerous witches” She knows that what she has confessed to will be broken down and she will die, so by saying that the Devil has numerous witches, she has opened the doorway to anyone being accused and this is strengthened by her saying she is a good Christian woman. Judge Hathorne expresses the same views, in the play, as Reverend Parris although he disliked him.

He saw Parris as a far too powerful man within the parish and did not trust him. He was irrational and lost his temper slightly. When interviewing a witness or one of the accused he did not accept what they had to say and changed their words. He only found in them what he is looking for and nothing more. He is a far too powerful man within the play himself a he is an unjust judge and one of the most predominant. He was blessed with too much power and his unjust morals took over the entire community. There are modern social parallels of this, as evidence by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anticommunist accusations ruining the American government.

Senator Joseph McCarthy was involved in the making of an anticommunist policy in America in the 1940’s. Due to his input, the policy stated that no communists or communist activities were allowed in America. This lead to the American people hanging on every word of McCarthy’s, as communism was feared since the communist take-over in China. Joseph went on to accuse 205 workers of the State Department of being communists and no one would stand up to him or they would be accused also. His downfall came when he failed to produce any hard evidence to confirm his accusations, and he was revealed as being a bully through his hearings in the House of Un-American Activities Committee. Miller uses this event strongly in the play using Abigail as the one whom everyone trusts. She is really the bully and cannot prove anything with evidence, other than playing on the strong religious beliefs of the town.

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