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Not to mention when the boys are at school the cross-cutting between the two different school scenes (Edward’s boarding school and Mickey’s comprehensive school), the teacher who is played by the same character makes an incisive change between the two types of teacher. When he is Edward’s school teacher, he is wearing a black cape and a black mortarboard; he looks extremely smart and holds a good posture. Along with this he calls Edward “Lyons” and Edward calls him “Sir”, this shows that he has authority. Yet as soon as he switches to Mickey’s school teacher he wears an un-tucked shirt and no tie and holds himself in a slouched position. He calls his students “lad”, as well as this he uses slang such as “y’borin” indicating he is not very well educated, but is all the school could afford.

The setting is vital to the representation of class difference in Blood Brothers. To start with the diversity between two houses is exquisite, not only the exterior but the interior as well. The stage is split into two with a street separating the two halves; this is the first variation between the two classes because of the metaphorical reference to there being a big divide between rich and poor. On one side of the street in a number of small terraced houses but on the other side is just one big house. The idea of plural houses and one singular implies that better-off people has a bigger importance in the world than the less well-off.

Inside the houses, the interior of the Lyon’s house is deluxe, with detailed wallpaper, shiny wooden furniture and large class windows, as well as being very large as the living room extends right across the stage when being used, compared to the Johnstone’s plain, very cramped, shabby kitchen. The discrepancy between the two exaggerates affluence that the Lyon’s have. Willy Russell adopts the idea of nature and nurture into the play through the character Linda.

But one is more powerful than the other; in the case of “Blood Brothers”, Willy makes it become apparent that nurture has a lot more to do with the outcome of the twin’s life. Where you live, settles what sort of live you lead, this was very true at the time Willy Russell wrote the play. In Mickey and Edwards’s case this was made apparent, while they started off as two very similar boys who enjoyed playing games and running about, it was fated for the two boys to lead two very different adult hoods.

When Mrs Lyons chooses which baby she is having, it is very much at random although as the performance continues, the audience are able to realise just how in-different the two boys could have been. When the boys are mid-teens they are both going through education at separate schools, yet they are both strong minded which ends up with them both being suspended from school at around about the same time. The idea that it was because of their strong mindedness puts into perspective how alike they are.

Too add to this there is a song called “That Guy” in the play, Mickey and Edward both sing this song. A line in the songs says “I wish I was a bit like that guy”, It is all about how they want to be each other and want to live the other ones life; this is dramatic irony as they could have been each other if Mrs Lyons was to go for the other child. So once again it all falls back on that fatal decision she made. If she hadn’t had separated them at birth, would they be the people they are now?

Willy Russell very cleverly makes structural foreshadowing a pressing point in the play. There are some really bold examples throughout the play. Through different stage of growing up Mickey always has a gun involved in his day to day life, for instance when he is really young they play cowboys and Indians and he shoots people with his toy gun and when Sammy comes home after the shooting of a man he hides it under a floor board. This proves vital as when Mickey actually comes to shooting Eddy like he used to when they were young he uses the one from under the floor boards. To add to this Edward has always been the one giving Mickey stuff, when they were little it was small thing such as giving him a sweet, then in teenage years it advances to cigarettes and finally in adulthood he ends up giving him a home and a job.

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