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The selling technique used in this advert is product centred. The particular feature mentioned is the ancient tradition of Hine. If the readers enjoy drinking wine, they must want to find the one with a long history background. There is a picture included in the advert showing a stag standing proudly in front of a hill. The stag is strong and large. It implies that the audience can become as confident as the stag if they drink Hine because the cognac is the best in the market and drinking it means the person deserves respect and admiration from the others. The reader can then be seen as an extraordinary person simply because he drinks Hine.

The brand name “Hine” and the French name for “stag” are both in big prints shown near the top and bottom of the stag picture. It is obvious for the readers to link the two words together. In other words, Hine is regarded as one of the best in the cognac industry and it owns a very strong image, just like the stag. The shape of the print is arranged as a downward triangle with the picture of a bottle of wine situated at the vertex of the triangle. It suggests that the wine inside the bottle is gradually volatilizing into the air. Obviously, a good wine can volatile into a large area and the nearby surroundings will still contain the flavour of the wine. This is the implication of the advert which tells the readers Hine has a strong flavour of cognac and it is of excellent quality. Even though the people can not see the Hine bottle, they can still smell its rich cognac flavour.

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The short passage in the advert tells readers the origin of the brand name “Hine”. The words used in the advert such as “deployed” and “majestic” are formal and good English. The reading level is above the normal English standard to imply that Hine has a noble position and it is different from other types of cognac. Words like “prime”, “mankind” and “graced” are complex English and it is not used in day-to-day English quite often. However, the word “ale-halls” describes where ordinary men went to drink centuries ago.

It contrasts with other language used, which suggests class and sophistication. Apart from the sophisticated words being used, there is also a long sentence at the end: “It couches on … graceful majestic of spirits.” It makes use of good English structure which may cause reading difficulty for small part of uneducated old people. However, this can link to the grand style to Hine easily. The suggestion of the tradition of Hine is shown throughout the whole advert. Words such as “Vikings”, “Gauls” and “Saxons” suggest that Hine has a long history. Moreover, “century-old” and “heritage” are also associated with age and tradition. If a cognac was made long time ago already, it should be considered as the origin and the best in the world.

The advert hopes to convince the reader that Hine is the original type of cognac and owns a long production history. It still exists today and this implies that Hine is of very good quality and people still enjoy drinking it very much. At the bottom part of the advert, the Hine’s bottle of cognac is shown together with the sentence ‘Cognac is our heritage’. That suggests Hine is inherited even in the future because it is such a wonderful cognac. I think this Hine advert is successful because the picture and passage suggest that Hine is valuable and has a powerful position. The use of the French words shown at the top of the advert is also associated with a high quality lifestyle because French drink wine as a type of entertainment in their daily lives.

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