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Advertising is about telling potential consumers about a product or service. The aim is to persuade customers to buy the product. This includes direct advertising such as through the TV, radio and newspapers. The advertisement can be about goods such as television or shampoo. It could also be a service such as accountancy or hairdressing. Other examples are places such as tourist destinations, or people such as football players or pop stars.

The first advert I am going to analyse is for “Friends of the Earth”. The advertiser is shown both by the address and the name in the small leaflet. In this advert, the idea of saving the tropical rainforest is being advertised. The last paragraph mentions “Let the forest live, let the Earth breathe.” It says clearly that we need to save the forest and the Earth. The target audience of this advert is the general public concerning about the environment, probably at the age of over 18. People under 18 are still studying in the college or school. They may have a small income from their part time jobs or own savings. However, it may not be enough for their own uses. They are less likely to have spare money to spend on donation to Friends of the Earth. On the contrary, people over 18 years old can find a full time job without much difficulty and therefore can spend the spare money on donations. The amount suggested here are for 10.00 upwards.

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The message of the advert is to convince people to donate money to Friends of the Earth. The last two paragraphs describe that “Add your strength to the pressure group” and “We need your contributions now.” The pressure group means Friends of the Earth and the contributions mean money in this advert. This idea is further confirmed by the leaflet at the right bottom corner requiring the readers to support Friends of the Earth’s fight to save our tropical rainforests by a donation or buying the quarterly newspaper.

The advert uses the “impact centred” techniques to sell the idea of saving the tropical rainforests. “The Earth’s life support systems are failing” and “Help the Earth fight back” are in big prints with a black and white colour contrast. They are positioned in the upper and bottom part of the main writing part in the advert. When the readers read the big heading, they will be interested in why the Earth’s life support systems are failing and hence start reading the whole advert. And after reading the last heading “Help the Earth fight back”, it reinforces the need to save the Earth and the tropical rainforests. If the readers agree with it, they can then fill out the leaflet just below the last paragraph. It is a very wise design because people do not need to find out where the leaflet is.

The advert also includes a picture of a very thin person with an earth-like big head. There is not much land in the Earth surface and hence suggests that the remaining rainforests are very small. The whole figure and the person’s x-ray image provide an idea that the person is unhealthy. Since the person’s head is an earth, it is easy to link that the person is actually the Earth. It means that the Earth is in an unhealthy and weak condition because of the damage we did to the Earth and the tropical rainforests. The whole picture is linked to the information provided at the right hand side of the advert.

The reading level of this advert is appropriate for the general public. It does not use long or difficult words in the advert because the advertiser wants to make it as simple as possible so that even not highly educated readers can understand it easily. On the contrary, the advert uses quite a lot of emotive language to provoke some kind of emotional reaction from the audience and hence they are likely to donate the money. The use of emotive language which is often intended to influence readers’ feelings. This includes words such as “collapsing”, “hacked”, “disastrous” and “destroying”. Some other examples include “There will be virtually no tropical rainforest left on Earth.”

They all imply that it is time for us to do something to save the Earth. Otherwise the tropical rainforests will be vanished with a single generation. It also uses some strong and violent-sounding words like “quick killing” and “die” to convince that the rainforests are suffered in a serious damage. The audience may therefore want to give a hand to save the poor rainforests. The advert also mentions that “We are not powerless” and “Let the forests live, let the Earth breathe”. It touches people’s hearts indeed and encourages them to follow the plan, ie. contribute their money to save the rainforests.

The advert helps the readers to consider the damage humans have done to the Earth and the tropical rainforests. If some people are damaging the Earth, there must be someone else to protect it. Otherwise, even the Earth will be damaged greatly eventually. However, one individual’s power is small. Therefore the better solution is to donate the money directly to Friends of the Earth because it is a powerful pressure group in the world. I think this advert is very successful because it first describes the rainforests are being damaged quickly and convinces the readers that they need to save the Earth now by using strong and emotive words to make us touched. It implies the idea that “we” can do something if we all work together.

The second advert I am going to analyse is for Hine cognac. The advertiser is also shown by a logo. It is situate at the top of the advert. The target audience of this advert is possibly the upper class people aged 30 or over. The whole advert shows a high-class image. Besides, people over the age of 30 begin to drink wine and spirits rather than beer to show a kind of respect and position in society. The advert does not persuade the readers to buy the Hine cognac directly. On the other hand, it tries to suggest that the cognac has an ancient history. People often associate good cognac with a long production time. Therefore the advert implies that Hine is a high quality cognac and indirectly suggests the readers to buy it.

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