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This monologue has been developed form a split scene performance about a young, aboriginal child, who has been taken away from her aboriginal family so that she can be adopted into a white  family. Clover unfreezes. She is five years old with long dark hair, messy and unbrushed. Her white outfit stands out against her dark skin. Her face shows uncertainty and pure confusion. She doesn’t feel she belongs there, but she ahs no choice.

Why am standing here with people who look so different to me? (She looks to the audience for an answer). This can’t be right, mum mummy and daddy look like me, have the same skin, same hair, same eyes, same everything. So do my brothers and sisters. We’re all the same (looking around confused). Not like these people. My family wears the same clothes as me. (Pause – looks down in disgust as what she is wearing now)…not what I’m wearing now! (Face suddenly turns bright and happy, and her voice gets louder) we live on land, outside with nature and the wilderness. (Remembering where she is her voice gets deeper and quieter, begins to sound upset)

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Not in houses with lots of beds and a church. (Voice gets louder, she looks up) We make our own music, with our own instruments that we made. We share stories, poems, and the grown ups teach us how to survive and teach us about our culture. (Pause…reminisces) I remember how we used to sit by the fire every night, all of us, my brothers and sisters, mummy and daddy, nana and papa. They told me loads of amazing stories about the moon and the sun and the plants and animals and the sky and… (Voice trails off again going deeper and sadder) what important things do they teach me here? …How to read and write and add things and take them away.

They don’t tell me stories or anything. (Thinks) Why did they separate us? Why did they make me come here? Where nobody loves me or wants me. I feel invisible, the hardly know I exist (sits in the middle of the room in silence for a while hugging her knees. A tear drops from her eye; she wipes it and looks up). I’ve been sent her. I don’t know by who, or why! All I know is that I want so much, to be back home. (She starts to cry) when I’m with these people I feel like nothing, a no-body. They hit me and make me do things I don’t want to do. They make me wear these horrible clothes and say rude things about the way I used to live.

They call me rude names just because I’m darker than them and they put a nasty bubbly block in my mouth when I talk my own language. (Looks down at her hands with pride) I am darker! They have blue eyes…I don’t! They have yellow hair…I don’t! (Getting louder) I have dark hair and dark eyes… (Pause) I like the way I am and I don’t care if they don’t. (Looking down) they hate me! (Gets up walking towards the front of the stage) but do you know something? (Shouts) I HATE THEM MORE…MUCH MORE!! (Grits teeth) Sometimes…… sometimes they get me angry…really, really angry! (Her anger increases within her) I just feel like (kicks the air)

HI-YAH! I can’t hit, mummy told me its bad……instead of hitting them I hit myself instead. It’s my own fault for what they do. (Pause) I sit… (Sitting in the middle again)… I sit on my own every night…and cry. (She gets up onto her knees, begging the audience for her past back) I miss my mummy, and my daddy and my brothers and sisters. I miss my nana and papa, and all my friends. I wish I could be home again, with people I love…I wish…wish…. (Trails off)

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