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There is also a description of how the product works which always encourages people. The background is bright orange under white font so the advert really stands out – also orange is quite a cheerful colour so this is giving a positive subliminal message. At the bottom of the advert a website link is given, so if people are interested but cannot be bothered to go down to their nearest Superdrug to find out more, they can visit the site instead. The third advert is advertising Lancme moisturiser.

This advert concentrates more on creative use of language to achieve its aims – but there is also a nice swirly background, which catches the eye, and a picture of a pink rose – presumably to show that that is what your skin will look like with this moisturiser. We see roses as very positive things, pretty and sweet-smelling, so again a subliminal message is being put across – after using this moisturiser you will be prettier. Alliteration is used: “Immediately leaves skin silky-smooth,” and “Stimulating Silkening Moisturiser.

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” Alliteration with -s is very effective – the hissing drawn out sound of an -s is tantalising and attractive. Scientific language is also used: “… with anti-oxidants Lycopene and Biodefensine… ” Often if we hear this kind of scientific jargon that we don’t understand we assume that the products are very effective and exotic. Then there is the phrase: “Protects skin’s future beauty,” again playing on the insecurities people have. So many women are scared of becoming wrinkled in older age – hence the popularity of new inventions like Botox – and this advert, like many others, exploits that fact.

There is a short and effective slogan using alliteration: “Believe in Beauty. ” Just the make is alluring – Lanci?? me Paris. Many of us think of Paris as the epitome of sophistication. There is also a website at the bottom of the page encouraging people to explore the products further. The final advert is for Maybelline Fruity Jelly lip-glosses. For a start there’s the catchy Maybelline slogan, which makes use of alliteration and repetition: “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

” This makes us think yes, we too can look like the beautiful model advertising the product. Then there’s the fact that a famous personality is used to endorse the product – Josie Maran. If a famous person who can afford any make-up approves of the product, people think it must be good. There is a picture of a succulent looking strawberry behind the lip-glosses, which gives us a positive connotation, as it looks juicy and delicious – just as the lip-glosses are meant to be. Now we associate the lip-glosses with something that we know to be fruity.

The bright, appealing colours of the lip-glosses contrast nicely with the plain white background, making them look more exotic. The woman wearing the lip-gloss is smiling which gives us a subliminal message that wearing the lip-gloss will make us happy as it has her. The message reads, “For delicious glossy lips with a hint of colour, pick a sweet fruity flavour. ” Again many words with positive connotations are being used to make us feel positive about the product – delicious, glossy, sweet and fruity.

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