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Advertising is all around us; it has power over our lives, from what we eat to what we wear. We see it on the television, in magazines and on newspapers. On the internet and on billboards. It even comes through the post. Everyday the advertising companies are competing against each other, brutally fighting for merely seconds of our time. Why we ask? They want us to buy their product. In this essay I am going to explore and explain how the media makes us want to buy and do certain thing, e. g. wear are hair like super models do or dress the same.

I am going to use the adverts for ‘Bonnebell’ lipgloss because I think this advert is an interesting example of the way companies advertise a product. Firstly I am going to write about the advert in the magazine. Then I am going to write about the advert for ‘Bonnebell’ lipgloss that I found on the Internet. Finally, I am going to compare the two adverts and see what differences they have. The advert that is in the magazine for ‘Bonnebell’ lipgloss uses many different tactics to make you want the product. The advert is found in magazines like Bliss, Sugar and Cosmo Girl.

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This shows it is meant to entice teenage girls around the age of twelve to eighteen. In these magazines there are sections on fashion, looking good, being attractive and having the ‘in thing’ so the advert shows exactly what girls want. The audience that this advert will attract are also interested in image, health, success, fun, looking sexy and having power. The advert has a close-up picture of a pretty woman’s face. This grasps your attention so it makes you read the advert. People are lead to believe if you wear this lipgloss you also will be prettier like this woman.

The woman’s lips are in the centre of the advert, which automatically makes you look at them. This is skillful because then you know what the advert is about straightaway, this method is called immediate impact. With some adverts it takes a while to work out what they are about and you are more likely to buy a product when the advert is not complicated. The lips are also wet because of the lipgloss, this portrays a sexy image. Many teenage girls want to look sexy to attract boys. This advert leads many girls to believe that if you wear the lipgloss you will be sexy, fashionable, successful, pretty and powerful.

But some girls might not believe that they would be any prettier if they wear the product. This is why the advertisers have to look at many different angles to make teenage girls want to buy the product. The advert has seven phrases that teenage girls like to hear; ‘I know I will succeed’, ‘I have a brain’, ‘I have lip gloss’, ‘I have a plan’,’I have a choice’, ‘I can change my mind’ and ‘I am a girl. ‘ These phrases portray girl power, success, being clever, being powerful and being fun and this is what girls want to hear! The adverts catchy phrases reflect the ideas of most twelve to eighteen year old girls.

The catchy phrases fit in with the young culture of today. It is like the mantra of a self-help manual. I think the writing relates to the audience by using phrases that teenage girls want to hear and an image that they want for them selves e. g. they want to be fun and it says ‘it’s a rush of fun. ‘ This shows that the advert has authority because it uses the messages that it is giving to us and makes us believe we can be all like this when we have the lipgloss. It also gives itself authority by using a perfect looking model in the advert and this helps to endorse the product.

The advert is a full page and this makes it more noticeable in a magazine. The larger the advert the more important it looks and the more girls will want to buy it. The biggest statement, ‘I know I will succeed’, shows that you will have control over your life and that you are certain to be a success if you have this lipgloss. This is the implicit message of the advert; it is also in a central position on the page and just above the girl’s lips. The six other statements are smaller and back up the phrase ‘I know I will succeed’.

All of the phrases start with ‘I’ and this shows the girl is thinking only about herself and making a statement that she is somebody; she is important and this is a good selling point because we all want to be important. The first phrase out of the six is ‘I have a brain’. This shows confidence and power . The second phrase is ‘I have lip gloss’. These two phrases are meant to go side by side (juxtapose) this is to emphasise the differences between them. It is important that the phrase ‘ I am a girl’ is last because this shows that girls can also achieve as well as boys.

This shows ‘Girl Power’ which girls like to have. Many girls like to be in control of their own lives. In this advert no one can make her give in. This girl seems to have control and a lot of power. She is looking away; this shows that she is detached and independent. This is like a role model for the teenage girls today. By the side of the phrases there are empty boxes, to me this suggests that the phrases are like a checklist. You must have all of the boxes ticked to succeed. The advert has two phrases at the bottom by the pictures of the lipglosses. These are ‘It’s a rush of fun and a burst of flavour’.

This makes you feel it will be fun to have and that it has a mouthwatering flavour so it will be tasty to wear. ‘ Go for the gloss in totally flipped out cases’. Flipped out is like ‘cool’. This uses a young person’s vocabulary to attract the product to the buyer. So to have the product will make you look stylish, sophisticated and classy. Teenagers don’t like to have cheap looking products. The layout of the advert is clever. It attracts your attention and isn’t misleading . The picture of the pretty woman’s face takes up most of the advert, the lips are in the centre of the advert .

It has bold writing which is placed upon the face. Near the bottom half of the advert it has the brand name of the product clearly printed in big bright letters, which draws our attention. The background of this part of the advert is pink so it makes the yellow writing stand out. This is bright and makes you feel that the product is fun to have and you also will remember the brand name of the product if it stands out. It has three small but clear pictures of three different types of lipgloss that you can buy. On either side of the pictures it has catchy phrases to do with the lipgloss.

At the very bottom of the advert it gives you website address which is www. bonnebell. com. This is beneficent because it means that you can find out more about the product that they are selling . It tells you where you can buy the product (Asda and Superdrug). These are well known stores so it is not hard to buy. Bonnebell means good/ beautiful in French and stereotypically anything to do with France is sexy, stylish and sophisticated. The advert wouldn’t be aimed at older women and any men because they wouldn’t read teenage girl magazines so they would not see the advert.

The advert looks exceptional because it is a full page and it has a glossy appearance that makes it stand out. With magazine adverts they don’t change every thirty seconds like television adverts do so you can spend as much time or as little time as you want looking at it. So it gets into your mind, which makes you want to buy the product. The company doesn’t try to attract all market groups. It tries to attract mostly teenage girls but the whole range of that particular market . It does this by making the product look fun to have, not tacky, but then not too expensive.

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