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We see them wherever we go, TV, radio, billboards, vehicles etc. The list is endless. We are forever being persuaded into purchases whether it be a good advert, offers or supposedly low prices. I believe there are too many adverts on TV and radio. We watch TV or listen to the radio to perhaps relax or get away from the stresses of real life. Nobody wants to have to listen or watch some cheesy advert about four times in one hour. I understand that we have to be notified of product but I think media over do it.

Some television channels (ITV) have to show adverts to keep it running; unlike BBC where we have to pay for it, so therefore, not needing to show any adverts. If a new product is on the market it is fair to find some alternative to introduce it, and with some products which have been on the market for years; it is understandable that they need to maintain their sales – as they are forever changing. However, with them being absolutely everywhere, it gets very tiresome. The marketing industry, as well as the brand’s company, receives a lot of success from adverts, but some are just pointless and a waste of time and money.

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As for magazine adverts’ they are slightly different… Magazine adverts need a lot more thought. They have to take a lot of things into consideration. First and foremost, they need to be eye-catching. Unlike TV ads, you can just flick through and skip the page, without taking a second glance at it. That is why it needs to be interesting and noticeable. Also a majority of them have a lot of connotation because with magazine adverts you may inspect it and read it over and over. So if it is interesting and original, attention will be paid. Attention that will bring the public to buy the product.

I have two adverts; both contrasting each. Which are both from the same magazine (Cosmopolitan). My first adverts denotation is that of a blue wardrobe with a dress hanging from it and with shoes sprawled on the floor. There are flaps to open and inside is a black Ford car. A selection of subtle coloured clothes are stacked on the shelf above, again, the same shoes from before are at the bottom. There is writing above and below the car. The connotation of it is slightly more interesting with the fact that you have to open the ‘doors’ of the wardrobe.

Perhaps the underlying message of this is that the new Ford opens new doors. Explaining how it is different. Or perhaps it is the surprise element that they are aiming for. Opening flaps seems like a present, a new gift. This portrays the car as new and exciting. The bright designer clothes on the wardrobe are there to make it more attractive and appealing. Could also possibly indicate how it is very modern and fashionable; like the clothes. Once opened it may not make much sense, as it is just a car in a wardrobe. However, the anchorage makes it clear “It goes with anything”. This cleverly reveals its aim.

Showing how, with the car being black, it matches any thing. And because it’s so simple it would suit any owner. The car is made to look very sleek, smart and sexy. Appealing more to women, with it being in a woman’s magazine and showing woman’s clothing, although it is quite possible to be unisex. This advert gives a lot of information therefore giving easy access to details. It gives a website, telephone number, fax number, postal address as well as an email address. It ironically also includes the price of the clothes shown. I think this is done purposely for humour, although they could possibly be sponsors.

The logo and name isn’t very obvious as it is in the corner; but is made to look very simple and subtle: not too harsh or stark. I think it works very well. Interesting, attractive and comical. Very eye-catching. My next advert is in complete contrast to that of the first. The denotation of it is simply a black background with a black and white cartoon of people without any faces in the bottom left corner. Then underneath is a website to visit www. raf. co. uk. The underlying connotation of it, that I believe, has a range of different ideas. Quite interesting as its not an eye-saw, yet still captures your attention.

Makes you think. Perhaps one reason why the people have no faces is to show that the army is not like the cartoon. An anchorage for that could be “want to be just another voice in the crowd? If not join the army”. Showing that being in the army is special. It’s not just a typical everyday job. The reason it is so black and white is not only to catch your but also to explain that life is black and white. Simple. But the RAF is different. A different career. Perhaps they only want smart lateral thinking people to join. I think this works well because it is so simple yet so effective.

There are no details apart from a website to go to. Its so basic which makes you try to understand it. It could come across as confusing but that makes the reader look at it further, trying to understand it. I think magazine adverts receive a lot of success. If it stands out, you can study and analyse it for a long while, unlike TV adverts where they do have the advantage of movement and sound but only have a limited time broadcasted. Although a lot of thought, design and planning have to be taken into consideration, I think magazine ads have to be one of the most effective ways of advertising.

However, not everyone buys magazines, and those who do, can choose from a variety of different ones, which are also categorised (men and women, for example). TV ads are also similar in this department, as they do have to decide which stereotype their product fits into. Although, most TV channels are watched by both men and women, they still have to decide which target audience they want to appeal to. Women, for example, may not have the same humour as men. Some men may well find an advert hilarious while some women would find it tasteless or offensive.

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