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Television reaches all tops audiences. This is why companies and corporations use it to their advantage, promoting a certain product. Advertising is a multibillion-pound industry and in many businesses, sales volume depends on the amount of advertising done. Manufacturers try to persuade people to buy their products. Business firms use advertising to promote an “image” for their company. Businesses use advertising to gain new customers and increase sales. This is why television can be the most efficient advertising medium, as we, the audience is influenced through slogans and catch phrases that are part of the language.

It has given us jingles that are very familiar and some lasting images that we will always associate with that particular product. These effects have to be influential, as it is demanding to tell a compelling story in a short space of time. Different adverts are shown at different times and at the peak viewing times, when TV audiences are highest. However minority audiences are also targeted, those with certain interests, who could be influenced by certain goods.

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Through analysing advertisements on television, I have noticed how they are shown several times in a short space of time and how a certain slogan or tune is repeated constantly in one advertisement. I have found myself humming the certain tune and thinking of the product being advertised, and in many cases this has been as irritating cycle. However, it is a successful means of influencing people to buy something that they do not necessarily need. Advertising is a cunning, yet booming business and uses a mass number of techniques to promote their goods. Advertising promotes more than mere products in our popular culture.

Because images used in advertising are often idealised, they eventually set the standard which we in turn feel we must live up to. Advertisements serve to show us what the ideal image is, and further tell us how to obtain it. Advertisers essentially have the power to promote positive images or negative images. Unfortunately, most of the roles portrayed by women tend to fit the latter description. It is easy to understand the appeal which these ads hold for men, as they place women in an inferior role; one characterised by helplessness, fragility and vulnerability.

Certainly one can not deny that visual images serve to create the ideal female beauty within the material realm of consumer culture. The problem is that if one strays from this ideal, there is the risk of not being accepted by men. Women portrayed in sexual ads are depicted as objects and commodities, to be consumed by men for visual pleasure and by women for self-definition. Any depiction of a woman in scant clothing ultimately makes her look vulnerable and powerless, especially when placed next to a physically stronger man.

Studies show that advertisements will concentrate primarily on a woman’s body parts rather than her facial expressions. Men enjoy these images, and sadly, women tend to try to embody them, regardless of the extent to which they degrade themselves. The picture before me, illustrated in “Avantaje” magazine, 2002, has a girl that I think is trying to be very seductive because of the way that she is moving in a somewhat suave like way. She is also standing in front of a red background, which is a very sexy, seductive colour.

Her lipstick is red, her nail polish, her under-eye-shadow, the beads around her, and the perfume bottle itself also are the colour red. It also appears that this girl is wearing a piece of lingerie that is black, which is also very sexy and seductive; also her hair is black, maybe to match her outfit, and is very wild and spontaneous. From what I see when I look at this picture I think that this advertisement is specifically targeted towards the female and might be telling them that if they buy this product that they will look very seductive as does the girl in the advertisement.

It could be putting out the image that if the buyer purchases this product you will be more attractive and more guys will respond to you when you want them to. Or it might be saying that using this fragrance will make you feel great in this type of clothing and your significant other will be at your ankles, wanting you. Another way to look at this picture is in a guys perspective. If a guy saw this advertisement he might be tempted to buy this product because he thinks that it will make his girlfriend want to be more sexy and seductive.

He might think that if she wears this perfume she will want to be more active in their love life and will wear little clothes like the girl has on in the picture. It took me forever to pick out a particular magazine, because of the multitude of women’s magazines out there today. I finally decided on Cosmopolitan, because I realized that there really wasn’t any difference between any of the women’s magazines. Every magazine has a woman on the cover, seemingly perfect, and with a huge smile on her face to boot.

Then, also on the cover, I get to see all the articles in the magazine that are going to help me to look better, feel better, and even make my man happier (as if I don’t have enough to worry about already). When women look at the cover of Cosmopolitan, they are made to feel inferior to the woman on the cover. They feel inferior because the women on the cover is flawless, seemingly perfect in every way. Women wonder how they can compete with that. Women say to themselves, “I wish I could look like her. ” The cover illustrates to them they are nothing like this woman on the cover, and so they must buy the magazine.

The magazine’s articles give the reader hope that this wish may come true if the articles are read. So in the end, most women buy the magazine. As if the cover wasn’t enough, women have to stream through the endless articles of perfume, make-up, and clothing containing the same type of woman that is on the cover . These ads work in the same way as cover to get you to buy their product. It seems like every other page is a different advertisement urging us to buy, buy, buy. First, I think that Cosmopolitan’s major claim is that they know how to make women look better, and feel better about themselves.

Cosmopolitan appeals to it’s readers by assuming all women feel they have flaws. When these women look at the cover of Cosmopolitan and see a perfect looking woman, and they want to look like that as well. When they see all the articles available in the magazine to help them be like the cover girl, they buy the magazine. A wide range of women read Cosmopolitan (ages 18-45 approximately), so it is easy to market this magazine with it’s articles on how to get a man, look glamorous, be healthy, and so on. Society pressures women, more than men, to feel that they have to maintain a certain image.

The majority of women feel that they need help reinventing themselves into cover girls, and that’s where magazines like Cosmopolitan come into play. Women are made to feel if they aren’t thin, have good hair, and perfect skin, it’s hopeless for them. Women feel that if they can get help from a magazine, they won’t have to go to pay for plastic surgery, or get a personal trainer. All the solutions are right there in front of them for the low cost of 35000 lei, and they can become a new woman right there in the comfort of their own houses. Advertisers in fashion magazines thrive on the fact that women constantly criticize their bodies.

By showing actresses and models in fabulous dresses and looking very pretty and skinny, the magazines invite you to find flaws with your body, but then tell you that it’s okay because they have a way to fix it. You can tell a lot about our culture from looking at fashion magazines and the ads they contain. So why do we continue to buy these magazines? Because most people are not satisfied with their looks and we probably never will be. One particular advertisement in Cosmopolitan has to deal with a Ralph Lauren perfume ad. This ad shows a young, white woman who appears very confident.

She is looking directly into the camera with the attitude that she is in total control of everything. She has a young, white man, whose face we cannot see, kissing her forehead. The young woman in the ad seems as if she doesn’t even notice the man kissing her. She appears as though being kissed is so routine to her that it isn’t even that big of a deal anymore. She knows she will always have a man there to kiss her, and this is partly because her use of Ralph Lauren’s new perfume. The ad gives the impression the young woman would have no man kissing her if it wasn’t for her new perfume. The ad illustrates women need a man to be satisfied.

It shows not only does she need the perfume to feel confident, but also the man kissing her. The ad is obviously directed towards younger females. This ad says by wearing Ralph Lauren’s new perfume, men will become attracted to you, and you will be more confident. There is another perfume ad in Cosmopolitan in which almost the exact same message is relayed to the reader. The ad is for the new perfume “Lucky You”. The depicts a cute guy sitting at a table, having a milkshake. He is obviously distracted by a young woman with blue eyes and long blonde hair. The man is not distracted by her looks, but her cleavage.

She is wearing a shirt, tied up just below her breasts and revealing quite a fair share of cleavage, which is right in the guy’s face. While the man is looking directly at her breasts, the woman is looking directly into the camera, while eating the cherry off the top of the man’s milkshake. Located at the top of the ad are the words, “Get Lucky! ” This ad clearly illustrates to consumers (men and women) if they buy and wear Lucky You perfume, they are sure to get “lucky” with someone good looking of the opposite sex. . This usually works with consumers in their teens and early twenties because sex is always on their minds.

When we take a look at this ad, we just want to go out and get lucky (that can be taken literally or figuratively). Recently I read FHM ( For Him Magazine ) magazine and one ad in it caught my eyes. It was an ad for cognac and two whole pages were emphasized by various colours. Even though I am not usually interested in alcohol beverages, this ad attracted me. The reason it attracted me is that advertisers use certain techniques to persuade people. This ad fills a social need ; it appeals to people’s fun and pleasure, and uses gimmicks that are called ‘snob appeal’ and ‘appeal to excellence’.

For these reasons I was interested in the ad. This is a commercial for Courvoisier Cognac. It looks like some place in Europe, a garden in the 18th Century. They are having some picnic in the garden with delicious looking fruits and two bottles of cognac. All the items used in this picture have specialized characters, which represent name of this cognac, “Courvoisier”. The colours of the whole picture are very rich and splendid. And the three women in this picture are wearing fashionable make – up on their faces. There is no effective language in this advertisement except the name of the cognac, Courvoisier.

This advertisement tries to have classical looks, and it added modern styles on it. As a result it has very unique style of images. Moreover, the main colour over two whole pages, is dark red, which is an outgoing colour by itself, but when it can combine with gold, then it looks very rich and royal. This picture also tries to express just looking like an oil painting, and the three women in this picture act in an excessive way like a play. So in this ad it makes me want this Cognac, although it is not an essential thing for one’s life, but the people in this ad are wearing luxury dresses and accessories.

And they seem to be relaxed and enjoying their lives. It emphasizes that if you buy this one, you can belong to their higher social class. Therefore, people desire to have it for fulfilling social needs. Advertisers in this ad also use emotions for fun and pleasure. This is one of the ways that can appeal to emotion of consumers. It can arouse feelings of fear, love, pleasure, or vanity. The atmosphere in this ad is very enjoyable. It doesn’t look like they have any worries or angers at all. It can tempt one to buy this product just to be as the ad says.

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