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Even those Source G is fictional it could still be reliable to us as it is a novel as has to be correct, otherwise people would not read it if fact were wrong. This proves that if the novel was inaccurate that people would not read it because it would be unbelievable and would not sell. However as it is a novel some parts will be fiction to give the book a sense of adventure. This proves that the source must have some reliability.

The author can’t over complicate the book as it is for children so it must be simplified and therefore won’t be as detailed. This makes the source more reliable as if it for children, the author would not wont to tell them lies as it would set there minds in the wrong direction. The source is factual it does agree with my own knowledge because the foster parents thought the evacuees were poor children too poor to have slippers.

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This was this the case because many evacuees came from poor deprived families, and foster parents were told to expect poor children that wouldn’t be used living with slightly better off families. The truth, as this source shows was that not all the evacuated children were from poor families. Some children like the two children mentioned source G were from families that did have enough money to get by. This shows research from the author and makes the source seem trustworthy.

It is a novel written by Nina Bowden written in 1973 and so is secondary evidence. This immediately puts the reliability of the source into question because the prime objective of a novel is to sell copies of it and make money. The truth can often be quite a subject, so novel will not always write the whole truth; otherwise few people would not want to read the novel. The novel is based on a true story, which means the writer cannot blatantly lie, because then her for this reason you cannot lie about as evidence.

A novel is based on a true story, and then the author will most likely have carried out some research to ensure that the novel is accurate to some degree. The novel is intended for children. This would certainly effect how it is because children normally have a short attention span and will read anything that isn’t very interesting. This shouldn’t affect the reliability of this source because evacuation an interesting subject secondly, the novel cannot not any complexities that children will not understand.

This means that although the source is quite reliable and tells you some of the facts, it can’t tell all facts because this would mean going into to much detail never the less on conclusion I would say that this source is reliable because it is clearly successful. The reconstruction of a source is secondary situation that could well have evidence occurred means that it may not perfectly describe the actual event. This does not mean that source is unreliable because it would still be an accurate account.

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