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In a week I usually do five days worth of exercise and activities out of school. However in school we also do sports and activities in our PE lessons. We do hockey, netball, swimming, rounders, gym, football, le Crosse, athletics, tennis and some other sports. These PE lessons are completed in one hour which means that our activity is not very intense although in some sports like football or le Crosse, we do play more games than skill practise; so the intensity does increase reasonably.

What do I want to achieve? By the end of the five sessions of the training programme, I am hoping to improve my agility for cricket and my cardio-vascular endurance for running in cricket. For my training programme I am going to create some stations which will allow me to improve my movement time more than my reaction time. In cricket, when I am running from wicket to wicket, I need incredibly good movement time to run faster, but I also need a reasonable skill for my reaction timing.

In cricket, I may have to run for a long time if I hit a really good shot, so this means that I will have to be able to have good endurance to last a long time running. In cricket, agility is vital for the runners because they have to have the speed and also have to be able to concentrate on their shot. This is why I am going to try to improve my speed as well as my co-ordination. ii) Awareness of safety aspects What potential risks are there with any apparatus or equipment that I might use? When carrying out my training programme, I might use some bits of apparatus or equipment that will harm me.

This could affect my training programme and so I will have to take precautions and plan out carefully what I am to do and which equipment I will be needing. If I was going to use a skipping rope to improve my endurance, I could by accident hit someone walking past me with it and so I will be harming another person. I might use the bench to do a stork stand, and if I am not careful, I could suddenly slip and hurt my ankle more than it is already unstable.

For any muscular endurance exercises, I would need to use the mats for support. If I am going to use the mats I will have to take into consideration that there could be some tears in the mats or I could by accident place two mats together leaving a small gap in between. This could cause a little leg injury or something which will also affect my programme. I am thinking of using the ladders to improve my agility for cricket; I will need to be aware of the people around me and how I position my apparatus around the room to prevent any accidents occurring. What factors will I need to consider when planning the order of exercises?

When planning the order or types of exercises I am going to do for my programme, I am going to need to take into consideration many points of safety and hygiene. Before carrying out my training programme, I am going to need to plan an appropriate kit which will be suitable to work in. I am going to need to tie my hair up so it does not get in the way of any of my stations. Jewellery should also be removed before preparing anything for my training programme.

This is so the majority of injuries which occur from jewellery catching onto clothing or pieces of equipment can be reduced. For the training programme, I think it is appropriate if I wore shorts and a T-shirt because I will get very hot in trousers after working very hard. I should definitely wear trainers so I avoid any risk of hurting my ankle more than it is already strong. A shower after completing the training programme may be necessary however I do not think there will be any time to do so. However if there was any time to have a shower, I would need to take a towel, shampoo and some soap for hygiene rules.

After working very hard on improving my skills for cricket, I am going to need to take a bottle of water so I can recover a bit easier and cool down more. I am going to need to make sure I take my heart rate after some of my more intense activities so I know how I am doing throughout my circuit. When planning the order of my exercises I am going to need to make sure I do not have consecutive muscle groups together. If I organise my circuit to have the same type of stations in a consecutive order, this could affect me greatly causing me to lose energy faster. Finally I should consider the techniques of the training programme.

How am I going to prepare my body for exercise? I am going to need to prepare a warm up and warm down before and after I do my circuit. A warm up is necessary before doing any sort of physical activity so you can prepare the body for activity and lessen the chance of injury, to increase body temperature and to increase the range of movement. A warm down can be a shortened form of the warm up and it also allows the body to recover gently and prevents injury. In addition a warm down would remove waste products such as lactic acid more quickly due to an increase in blood flow, reducing the chance of soreness and injury. A warm down really helps you feel at ease after doing any sort of strenuous activity as it relaxes yourself physically and mentally.

For my training programme, I am going to do a full warm up so I am relaxed and mentally prepared to participate and complete my course. I am going to firstly begin with jogging 2 laps around the sports hall without a break in between, then 20 star jumps – doing this properly by clapping by hands above my head – and finally 1 more lap around the sports hall, except this time I will sidestep. These are pulse raisers and I should do these to increase my heart rate and body temperature to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to my muscles. Next I am going to need to do some stretches. I will be doing active and static stretches on all areas of my body to stretch for all the stations in my circuit.

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