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I don’t think that the programme was that easy to manage because not a lot of time was open to us this was a problem because it made things hectic, meaning we had to rush things. The programme was helpful to my fitness though I would say that my stamina has improved a good bit the fartlek session was very beneficial to me I am not sure what other sort of improvements I have made but this will show if I do the sessions again and compare with my previous attempts.

I thought that the programme was very enjoyable and beneficial to my fitness I would say that I worked to my limit because I tried setting targets to work as hard as someone with a higher fitness level than me even if I did not meet my target this didn’t mean I didn’t work for it just meant that I could not keep up with my target but I proceeded at my own limit. There is not many changes I could think of to make the programme any better except more time for the sessions an hour is not enough for dramatic Improvement I think a hour and 30 mins would be sufficient to peoples training needs and maybe extend the breaks over all I thought that the programme was good with what time and equipment that was open to us

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Here are some evaluations of my sessions Session 1. This fartlek was not that hard of a challenge for me because my aerobic fitness is quite high, the main challenge to this session was the conditions of the course we were on, we were using the all weather pitch and it was quite sloppy on a turn going into the sprint causing a lot of people to fall luckily not causing any injuries, the weather was cold but it didn’t phase me really after 1 lap I was warmed up fully and that is when I started to work as hard as I could

Session 2. This session was my favourite one circuit training was a challenge for me because there was some stations that I found harder than others so I chose the ones that I would struggle with this gave me motivation to try hard, I think I was working about 85%+, in this session it worked all of the major muscle groups so the warm-up and cool-down had to be detailed and you had to make sure that all muscle were stretched. I found the hardest part of this session was that you had to keep stopping and starting it was ok at first but then the time that we had between stations felt as if it was shorter and at times it felt like you need longer

Session 3. The next session was plyometrics this was the hardest session it involved a lot of bounding over small hurdles and markers these are the sort of exercises I am not very good at and I tried to take on to much where we got the choice of how many sets we would do I chose maximum on all and it was to much for me and I developed a groin injury in this session but I stuck it out till the end of the session up until I got hurt I was working at 90% of my maximum heart beat

Session 4. This session was another fartlek session; we had a choice to either do 5, 6 or 7 laps of a set out course. I chose 7 laps to test my aerobic fitness this amount of laps was rite for me it gave me a challenge, the course was set out with ten 50 meter gaps with a cone on the end of each length to represent the start and finish in the gap we had to perform a certain exercise either sprint, run, jog or walk, the exercises were already set and at the end of each cone our teacher told us which exercise was next by the last few laps, the routine was memorised.

Overall this was a helpful session because it helped develop my stamina and speed levels Session 5 This session was another circuit training session this session was 60 mins long the session was built up of 15 stations all put together to work different muscle groups and to improve your all around fitness, at each station we had to spend 1.30 min after a full rotation of the circuit we had a 30 second break to regain energy before we started off again, this was helpful because I couldn’t of went through the whole course without the small break, we went round the circuit twice this was a test for me it was quit hard because I am stronger in some areas than I am in others and when I am tired I find it harder to concentrate my energy on an activity I am not really that good at. The names of the activities where placed on the floor next to the mats or benches where we performed the activity so that we remembered what we were doing without any confusion

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