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Round age 7, with regard to speaking and listening, most children are able to:  Listen carefully, Ben can listen carefully when he’s not distracted. Show they have thought about listeners by including details to interest them, he asks questions the stories that were read. peak clearly, Ben some times stammers but this is only when he’s nervous. He is under going speech therapy for this. Tell stories, and repeat rhymes and poems Learn new words and use them in conversation

Change how they talk to different people, in a range of situations. Ben knows how to talk to different people i. e. teachers and his friends and he can observe the situation and apply appropriate thought into the conversation. Ben also gives his views about events or ideas in what he has read, he can read aloud and understand stories/information books. He can also use more than one way to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Ben knows how to act socially, he knows that it is important to respect others and get on with them.

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He knows that he should think about what’s fair and unfair, right and wrong, he should behave appropriately but he doesn’t always do as he is supposed to. J. Piaget sates that cognitive structures change through the processes of adaptation: assimilation and accommodation. Cognitive development consists of a constant effort to adapt to the environment in terms of assimilation (interpreting events in the present) and accommodation (events in a changing cognitive structure.

In his stages of development Piaget states that children of the concrete operational stage can think in a logical way but their thinking depends upon concrete sources. Ben does this in most of the activities and tasks that he has to face. He thinks for him self if given the correct encouragement.


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