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“Come on, it’s time to go.” Karl Wilson was trying to put on a brave face for his children eight year old Amy and ten year old Tom. Their mother had been murdered exactly three months ago; the murderer hadn’t been charged and Karl didn’t think he would be either- as soon as he had reported his wife murdered the police assumed it was him. If Karl didn’t think of some way to prove it wasn’t him soon then he would be charged with his wife’s murder. He had been upstairs at the time with loud music on- the children were at a friend’s birthday party. He had heard Sue- their neighbour and Kathy’s best friend leave and then Greg come and go. He hadn’t wanted to celebrate with him there. When he went downstairs there was nobody there except his wife lying dead on the floor.

The family piled into their neighbours car; they had had to sell theirs to pay for the funeral. “I know who it was as well as you do Karl but I’ve been questioned and told the police everything I know and there isn’t really anything else I can do is there?” Sue said. “We’ve got to do something or you know he’ll get away with it.” Karl was angry. He knew Sue was doing everything she could like he was but he was persistent in thinking one of them knew something else.

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“Lets not talk about it in front of the kids- they’ve been through enough the past few months.” Karl glanced behind him Tom and Amy were both gazing motionlessly out of their windows as if they were in a trance. Karl didn’t know what to say they were old enough not to believe if he said everything would be alright. He turned back round in his seat and sighed. Half an hour later they pulled up in the car park of Landown way. It was a grey, cloudy day, it was cold and there was a sharp breeze in the air. Tom and Amy looked round nervously.

“Don’t worry; it’ll be alright hold my hand.” “Dad, did someone kill Mummy?” Amy had obviously heard him and Sue talking on the way. “Yes!” Tom cried, “it’s obvious isn’t it don’t be stupid Amy.” “Nobody can be certain of the truth just yet. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.” Karl knew his children had to be told the truth eventually but couldn’t find the right moment to tell them. They all crossed the road to the church. The only other people that had arrived were Kathy’s sister and husband and Greg – the killer. He looked up at Karl; Karl hadn’t expected him to be at the funeral- Kathy’s sister had probably invited him- she had always thought their rivalry was stupid. Greg was Kathy’s first husband- this was another reason the police suspected Karl; Karl had never got on with Greg and trying to blame a murder on an ex- husband wanting to live with his children was an easy thing to do.

“We are here today to celebrate the life of Katherine Jane Wilson whose life came to an unfortunate end far too soon. Thirty seven years old and still so much to live for…” The vicar went on; Karl looked over to the other side of the church and saw Greg crying- how dare he thought Karl. He thought about standing up and telling everyone Greg was at the house that night. He’d waited for Sue to go out and pretended he wanted to congratulate Kathy for being promoted- then he’d killed her. They’d had an argument the week before because Kathy had wanted to see her other children Michael and Harry. Greg and Kathy hadn’t been getting along- Kathy wanted her children back and she was going to get them- he had the perfect opportunity.

It was Greg’s turn to say a few words- he walked up to the front and took a piece of crumpled paper out his pocket and began. “Kathy was an amazing woman who was the last person in the world who should have to die so young. I know we had our differences but I always knew she was a kind, caring woman who cared dearly about her children and step- children. Now we all have to learn to live without her -“He took out a tissue and walked back to his seat.

What was Karl going to do? He couldn’t think why the police thought he had killed his own wife. He would never do anything like that. Greg had an alibi and had left the weapon- Karl’s kitchen knife- at the scene of the murder but couldn’t the police see it was him? Fingerprinting, airbrushing, previous records. Karl was so confused he didn’t know what to think. When the service had ended everyone went outside- it was raining and everything was dull and lifeless.

“What are we going to do Sue- what if I’m charged with the murder?” “Look Karl, I know you’re innocent, I saw Greg go into the house- I told you that.” But Sue hadn’t told him that; before she had said she saw Greg walking in the direction of Karl’s house when she was driving away in the car. “I thought you said you were driving away in your car.” Karl was annoyed that she was changing what she had said was definitely true.

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