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In this essay I will be a comparing Ghost of a Chance by A Coulson and my TIE Play, “Don’t be a Sheep, a Goat”. I will be outlining the similarities and differences between the two and also comparing the cultural backgrounds of both. One of the main differences is the genre; whereas Ghost of a Chance is a light-hearted entertainment play, Don’t be a Sheep be a Goat is theatre in education. I will also compare the plot and the characters.

Even though both plays are for children they both have different purposes. Ghost of a chance is entertainment, something to make the kids laugh and to get involved in, while the TIE play was meant to get a message across, which was, in Don’t be a Sheep be a Goat, don’t follow the crowd. The cultures of both plays are very similar; a child’s world where it is possible for young kids to run around a school and catch baddies, and where they don’t have to go to class and the only thing that is a major problem is what they have in their lunch boxes. Nothing is scary in either one of the plays, the ghosts are humorous and the bullies are paid back, but they are both based on this world.

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The genres of both plays are different; they are both set for young children, to entertain them, but the TIE plays are meant to get across a message for the children to see in action and to learn. The two plays are set out with the same concept, Ghost of a Chance has 4 different ideas put together, the first is two ghosts, one who is afraid of humans, the second is two school girls Tina and Lean, the third two stupid ghost hunters Hammer and Tinkler and the final idea is two escape convicts, Joe and Fred who are being chased by the stupid PC Bluebottle. The ghosts, who play with different potions, link all of these ideas.

This means the story is constantly changing, so the children don’t get bored. The TIE play has two stories going on, the first about Harriet who really wants to make friends with Molly and Holly and will do anything to make them like her and the second is about Dan who is in love with Harriet but can’t get her to see him. Even though, it wasn’t as fast and didn’t flow as well as Ghost of a Chance, the TIE play still worked with the two separate stories mixed together. Molly and Holly and Dan and Dan are very similar to Tina and Lena, and worked well as the kids could relate to the friend situation.

Performing the TIE play not only helped me with my acting skills in front of children but also helped me with my confidence when something goes wrong. I learnt a lot from the response afterwards from classmates and the pupils of the school. The best being, that with kids, it is not about wit or clever anecdotes but your body language, the costumes you wear and the way you present the characters, as it is visual humour with excites children.

Reading Ghost of a Chance and watching other TIE plays helped me with the humour in Don’t be a Sheep, be a Goat, as I learnt that things that I might find funny are not the same of children or other people. The TIE play could have worked better if, like Ghost of a Chance, there wasn’t one main character but each one had their own storyline as it would have probly been more exciting. I really enjoyed getting the feedback from children after the performance, it helped me see if the play actually worked.

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