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If we accept Social Learning Theory in relation to the first assumption then young people would imitate their role models, therefore after watching a film like War of The Worlds, children should be aware of how to behave, which in society should be a non-violent way. Peer mentors such as police officers or social workers and parents would have a major influence on the mentality of young people, causing them to choose the safe non-violent lifestyle.

A problem with this is that a variety of role models would be needed to appeal to a cross section of young people. Additionally role models may not wish to be associated with youths involved in violent acts as they are not highly looked upon in society. If we are to accept Gunther and McAleer’s findings then subjective assessment of violence should be used and incorporated into the film. Children would be viewing the intended film however psychologically ignoring the violent content no matter how high the frequency of violent acts

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occuring. Therefore this would reduce the chances of upsetting children and protecting their emotional wellbeing and , however this has implications. It would be unrealistic to suggest that a film with set plans and ideas should be moulded to a specific target population. If we are also to accept Eron’s findings then childrens time watching television should be limited and the programmes watched monitored and therefore

should be guided away from watching the film War of The Worlds. This would prevent increased aggressiveness at a later stage in life, as the chance of a child witnessing violent acts are reduced. An implication of this would be that the parents/guardians of the child could be accused of inhibiting the childs fun and entertainment, especialliy if the child particuly would like to see the film, and this may be frowned upon and/or seen as over protective in todays society.

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