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The study I am conducting will be a laboratory based experiment. This is because it is more economically viable and the most efficient method for conducting the study. Further to this, by using a laboratory setting we are able to control all the variables that would otherwise be uncontrollable in other settings such as a natural setting. This study is using independent measures design. The dependant variables are as follows IV – Pre-information will have a direct effect on impression formation.

Condition A – A person will be described as warm in this situation. Condition B- The same person will be described as cold to a second group of people. DV- Strength of attributes on a Likert scale. The scale will be numbered from 1-10. 1 being negative and 10 being positive. The Likert scale is an easy way of placing a quantity on impressions felt. Ethics-Prior to the experiment participants were made well aware of the fact that they are allowed to withdraw themselves from the experiment for whatever reason may arise.

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Further to this participants have signed consent forms (Appendix A3) stating that they are willing to participate as well as being informed that no personal data is being collected and that their results are anonymous and cannot be personally identified as being theirs. About the participants and sample. The sample is split into two groups. Both groups have been randomly selected amongst teenagers/adults who range from the ages of 16-19.

These participants are sixth-form students and the sample comprises of both male and female participants. I, together with a peer of mine, will ensure there is an equal gender balance amongst our two samples. Further to this we will ensure that both samples are not ethnocentric and that participants who are participating are from a multitude of backgrounds. However, this can only be achieved to a certain extent as our school does not contain every single ethnic minority there is.

Students will be selected if they meet a set standard of criterion e. g. being of a particular ethnic minority (this is to ensure fairness and ensure that the study is less ethnocentric) and sex. They will then be approached by my peer and asked if they would like to participate. If they wish to participate, they will then be allocated a group (either A or B) and then given details of when and where the experiment will be carried out. The experiment occurred at the same time in different classrooms at the same time.

It was imperative that both groups were experimented on at the same time this ensured that participants cannot tell other participants what the experiment is about if they finish first. This reduced the damage to validity as a result of demand characteristics. Apparatus and required Materials. A smart board – this will project the image of the stimulus so that everybody within the group can see. Question sheets- These sheets will contain questions about the stimulus. The question sheets (as seen in the Appendix) will have questions which can be answered using a Likert scale.

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