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Evaluations on how well Cadbury’s and Carrick travel compete In my judgement I believe that Cadbury’s compete very well in the confectionary market. This is proved because in the research that was done there was a lot of cases where Cadbury’s profits and market share were higher than other businesses. since Cadbury’s were introduced they have been one of the highest holders of confectionary market share and through new products. Also developing their current products they have been able to increase the amounts of profits they get and therefore decrease the amount of their competitors.

One of the biggest way in which Cadbury’s competed well was when they introduced the new gorilla ad which has increased their profits and market share of the dairy milk bar to nearly double the amount that it was at before. In September 2005, Cadbury’s had 28% of the UK’s producer’s shares but were being followed closely by Mars and nestle at 24%. The advert was awarded the best advertising award for TV commercials. In the first half of 2008 Cadbury’s recorded that they were on target and that their profits are heading for +7% of the market share. These profits added up to 223 million before tax.

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Cadbury’s supply their products in shops all over Europe. All of this proves that Cadbury’s was very successful in the way they compete. I think that if they carry on this way and introduce new products before their competitors then they will carry on having a large percentage of the market shares. Also if they keep using the marketing mix then they will prove to be very successful and achieve there aims.

In my judgment i believe Carrick travel compete very well with their competition because they dont have the majority of the national market but they have quite alot of the market share in local towns and villages which is the market of which they aim for. The good thing about Carrick is that they are seen by locals as the local holiday sellers this is a good point for Carrick because they some people become loyal to carrick and always buy their services instead of their competitors services.

If carrick were to make there buisiness in to a national buisiness instead of a local one then they would lose lots of their customers because they prefer the more personal side of the shop. In conclusion i believe that Carrick travel compete very well and if they keep opening stores in local towns then it will carry on being succesful.

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