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The first action that the Marriott has taken out is to use energy efficient light bulbs all throughout the hotel, this is a good idea as it means that they will be using less energy and will be saving the environment because of it. This also brings a benefit to Jaguar and this is that it means that they will be keeping their costs down because these light bulbs are longer lasting and are cheap to run. This means that it would help the Marriott achieve their aim of profitability and this will lead to a return in owner dividends because of the lower costs.

The second activity that the Marriot has it to have double glazed windows all throughout the hotel, this brings many benefits to the Marriott hotel. The first benefit is that the customers will not be disturbed by noise pollution that is caused outside, this leads to customer satisfaction as they are not being disturbed especially by the planes going to and coming from Heathrow airport. The second benefit it has is that it helps the Marriott keep their noise pollution down.

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For example if the Marriott are holding an event at the hotel and their music is fairly loud the double glazed windows will reduce the amount of sound getting out of the hotel meaning that the local residents will not be disturbed at any point during the day. By keeping the local residents happy it means that the Marriott will not have any complaints coming in which will lead to the increase in reputation as they are keeping all of their stakeholders happy.

The last benefit that having double glazed windows has is that the Marriott will be using less natural resources as they will not have to use the heaters that much as the double glazed windows also keep the heat in, this means that they will be keeping the environment safe as well as satisfying the customers because they will be warm and will not be receiving any drift from the windows.

Although fitting double glazed windows throughout the hotel would cost them a large amount of money the Marriott will slowly make it back because of the amount of costs that they are saving and through the increase in customers through reputation. Another activity that the Marriott does is that they try to recycle as much as they can, this could be done by the packaging from the foods etc. by doing this it means that the Marriott is making the most of the resources that they have.

They also advise the customers to reuse; this is done by them putting notices up in the hotel rooms asking the customers to reuse the towels instead of throwing them in for the washing after one use. By having this activity it makes the customers aware that the Marriott hotel is doing their best to keep environmentally friendly, this will lead to the increase in reputation because of the fact that customers will be happy to come to the hotel because they are doing their bit for the environment.

The fourth activity that the Marriott has is to try and save water, this helps them use less of the worlds natural resources. There are many things that the Marriott are doing in order to ensure that they use less water throughout the hotel, for example the Marriott hotel washes a large batch of dishes at once instead of washing a few dishes at a time, this saves a lot of water.

This will help the Marriott keep their costs down and will also help them achieve their aim of profitability because the less cost they have the more profit that they will make. The Marriott hotel receives deliveries from their suppliers a lot; this causes pollution because of the vast amount of vehicles that are used for this. There are many ways that the Marriott can overcome this the first way is to by in bulk, by doing this it means that less deliveries will be taking place because the Marriott has some of the supplies.

Another way in which they can help reduce the pollution is by finding a supplier that is situated fairly close to them, this would mean that the suppliers will be travelling shorter distances decreasing the pollution levels that are being created. By the Marriott ordering in bulk it could help them reduce their costs because offers may be given to them for doing so, this would help the Marriott achieve their aim of profitability because they will be spending less.

Overall we have seen that both businesses are affected by the environmental constraints that have been put on them. However I think that the Marriott hotel is affected more by them because of the fact that the customers stay at the hotel and the Marriott’s business revolves around them. for example the Marriott receives hundreds of customers a day and they all have different needs, this means that the Marriott have to take out activities that satisfy the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the business.

However in Jaguar most of the customers do not come to the factory to see the progress of the cars, this means that Jaguar can take out activities that would not affect stakeholders such as customers because they are not there during the running of the business. In terms of profits and sales I think that Jaguar would be more affected because more people are becoming environmentally aware meaning that less people would be buying cars as it has been said that they are one of the largest sources of pollution.

Whereas in the Marriott hotel however they are not making a product that causes global warming, they are just providing a service to the customers, this means that the customers would not be as weary as staying at a hotel then they are with a car business. If Jaguar had to take out an activity to ensure that their sales and profits are not affected they need to think of designs that keeps up with the environmental issues, for example building a hybrid car, this would increase their sales and profits as more people would buy a Jaguar due to the fact that it is very environmentally friendly.

Impact on variation: If the laws were to become stricter it would affect both businesses vastly. This would result in the business having to come up with more activities to ensure that they are not breaking the laws that have been set. If a law was set in place to limit the carbon footprint of each person for example limit the amount of aeroplane travels or the amount of distance travelled in a car then it would affect both businesses.

It would affect the Marriott because their customers come from Heathrow hotel, however if the possible customers are limited to the amount of aeroplane travels it could result in a decrease in customers which will affect the businesses profit as not a lot of customers will be coming to the hotel. This would also affect Jaguar as people would be thinking of other ways of travel, this would mean that less people would be buying their cars because they will not be able to use them to the full extent. If there was a law for how much CO2 emissions are produced per business this would also affect both businesses.

It would affect Jaguar as it would mean that they cannot keep their production line running all day and they would have to stop, this would increase the costs because it costs Jaguar hundreds and thousands of pounds to stop this and it would also decrease customer satisfaction because it would mean that they will have to wait longer for their cars. Jaguar may also have to buy more equipment which reduces their CO2 emissions, this would cost them a lot of money and it would take them a lot of time to recover from the amount that they have spent.

If the water resources act were to get stricter it would again affect both businesses. Jaguar would have to ensure that they dispose of all the paints properly; this would cost them a lot of money as they would have to go through the process of taking it to a place where it can be disposed of. The Marriott would also be affected because it means that they would have to make sure that when they wash the dishes etc it does not contain anything that pollutes the water, they would also have to ensure that the kitchen is keeping all the toxic things to one side so that it does not go into the water supply.

I think that if there was a variation on the laws that have been set Jaguar would be affected a lot more because of the fact that they are affecting the environment more then the Marriott because of the service that they provide, for example they make the cars which affects the environment but they are also giving the customers cars which will affect the environment further, however the Marriott are just providing rooms and other facilities and they are not affecting the environment as much as Jaguar.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the concern of the environment I think that Jaguar would be affected more because people would realise that Jaguar are less environmentally friendly than the Marriott hotel. Also in order for Jaguar to ensure that they keep their customers on their side it would mean that they would have to spend a lot of money so that they keep environmentally friendly. Market competition: Market competition is when a business wants to dominate the market and gain as many customers as possible.

Businesses would have competition with other businesses that offer the same services as each other, for example if the business was a restaurant that business would have competition with other restaurants and food places in that area. There are many things that a business can do. The first thing that a business could do is to have cheaper prices then their competitors, by doing this it means that the customers will be happy because they are paying less thus meaning that more customers come to the hotel, however they will have to ensure that they do not put their prices to cheap so that they do not make a profit at all.

The second thing that they could do is to ensure that the quality of the service that they are giving is better; this would mean that the customers would be happy as they are getting better quality service for their money. Another thing that they could do is to provide better customer service, this would keep the customers happy and would increase their reputation meaning that more customers would be aware and more customers would come there.

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