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In order for participants not to feel under pressure or lie on their questionnaire, they were allowed to take the questionnaire to complete in their own time; however this had to be handed in the next day. Ethical Controls The ethical procedures I used were Informed Consent and Debriefing, participants were approached randomly the psychology block corridor and asked if they minded taking part in the study. The questionnaire was explained fully to them and they were also notified that all of their results would remain confidential. In addition to this no names were to be used.

Apparatus/Materials The only apparatus I used were stationary equipment and the use of Microsoft word and excel for the statistical graphs. Two questionnaires were used, one measured aggression score and the other film preference. An example of this is shown in the appendix. Sample My target population are students attending Havering Sixth Form college aged 16-19. The sampling method I used was research design methods. 9 males and 9 females were used in order to combat gender bias.

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Procedure Participants did not complete the questionnaire on the spot, they were allowed to take it home to complete in their own time. I added up the scores of the questions from 18 participants, they had to answer 20 questions then choose from the 18 films which they enjoyed best, if they answered “A” then they would receive 1 point for low-aggression, if they answered “B” then they would receive 5 points for high-aggression, finally if they answered “C” then they would get 2 points for mid-aggression. After collection the results I then moved on to the film preference. Films were divided into categories of aggressive and non aggressive.

Films were divided into sub-categories of whether they approved – very strongly, strongly, moderately, weakly and very weakly. For example if the selected “Saw” and very strongly approved, they would score a 5 for aggression, scoring system was reversed for the non aggressive films e.g. “Finding Nemo” if they very strongly approved of this they would score 1 for aggression. Researchers in the group were James Bates, Gillian Wright and I.

Discussion Results As the graph shows, in most cases as the participant’s questionnaire aggression score rises, the film preference tends to rise also in terms of aggression; there are some cases in which the two lines cross. An explanation of this would be that the person’s aggression score may not actually affect the types of film. Spearman’s Rank Correlation Test The spearman’s rank correlation test showed that I could accept my hypothesis and reject the null hypothesis.

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