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This has proven to be a very interesting investigation.The tally sheets to record the items remembered in 2 minutes (Table 2) gave an easy way to compare the type of items that men and women remembered. It did show that women remember more ‘feminine’ items such as lipstick (men 14, women 21). But it was expected that men would have a much lower score in some items than men. For nappies women remembered 15 and women remembered 17, which isn’t much of a difference. In some areas this disregarded the theory that the respondents would remember items all linked to them. It is assumed that because of changing roles of men and women today that there is no advantage of remembering such items as they use them equally.

In general the hypothesis was proven to be correct by only marginally. By using the mean is has supported the hypothesis and when using the mean for whether men and women remembered 10 items or more. It can be said by these results that men and women have equal memory ability. This investigation did not prove that younger people have better memory ability. This was most surprising. Again overall when looking at table 4 it is very close. The age group that remembered the most was age 41 – 50

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When looking at the histograms it can be seen that women either have a very good memory or average. The values go up and down dramatically. Whereas the men’s histogram is more concentrated. This can be interpreted, as they are all basically the same on average. When comparing the box plots the first graphs did not show any relationship. When comparing the frequency it gave much better results and favoured the women. This study could be further tested by:

Extend the time the respondents had to remember the items to see if it makes a difference.  Find out if the occup tions of the respondents as it could effect how they remember. If they worked with certain items in the game they may remember them more. Perhaps in a larger investigation there would be more accurate results of the population. It is difficult to make a statement on the difference between men and women on only a sample of 50. There was some bias in the investigation. The age groups for example were uneven.

20 -30 was a group of 10, 31 – 40 was a group of 9, 41 – 50 was a group of 9, etc. It would be fairer to have exact age ranges. There are factors that could affect a person’s memory and that could be the time of day and whether they have eaten recently. If a person is tired or hungry they will not remember as well. It was discussed after the memory test as to what methods people used to remember items. Some mentioned that making up a story about the items or remembering the items in a pattern helped them to remember the items easier. Having groups using different methods to remember the items and see which group remembered the most could test these ideas. It would be useful to use secondary research in further investigations next time to compare results with previous investigations.

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