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‘A’ kept trying to distract the other boy on his table and kept making comments to start an argument. ‘B’ worked quietly and when she did talk, it was mainly about the work that she was doing. Play Time I planned to listen to the children’s conversation to see how they talked to each other without an adult involved, but this proved difficult as they kept trying to include me into the conversation. However after a while ‘A’ used short incomplete sentences to talk to his friend, e.g. ” gotta car here” and “play football” Whereas ‘B’ talked confidently to her friends listening to them appropriately.

Group Reading Pupil ‘A’ again was very eager for it to be his turn to read, so did not listen very well when it was others turn to read. He kept reading along with the child that was reading. This caused a bit of tension during the session. He kept making remarks like, “I wonna read as well” and “my turn” this disturbed the flow of the session and made it less enjoyable for all. Pupil ‘B’ took her turn to read and listened when it was the others turn. During the discussion part of the session, she contributed well and put her hand up when she wanted to speak.

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Attainment Target 1: Speaking and Listening Assessing pupil ‘A’ I would suggest he was the low end of level one. This is because he could talk about immediate things, conveying simple meaning to subjects that interested him, and could sometimes listen to others such as in assembly time. Although his sentences were very short and incomplete when chatting to his friends in the playground, he showed that he could talk properly in assembly. I feel that this is because of his home life and his family generally talk in this manner at home. I think that he could extend his ideas and accounts of occasions if guided by an adult.

I would assess pupil ‘B’ as a definite level two. She started to show confidence when speaking and appeared to listen at appropriate times. She used good intonation while speaking in circle time and this is a factor in suggesting she is a level two. Although these assessments were only taken over a few weeks, I am aware that pupil ‘B’s’ vocabulary has grown over the year and this is another factor when awarding level two. When she becomes more confident speaking to an audience and more evidence of listening skills are found, she may be a level three.


My observations showed that assessment of speaking and listening do not appear to be carried out fully, with appropriate records kept. It was difficult to ascertain if there were any gender differences as their personal lives were so different and insufficient pupils to make an accurate evaluation. The assessments that I made were carried out over a period of two weeks. Therefore, it would be difficult to assess the children properly. However, the assessments were carried out to the best of my ability during the given time allowed. I found the observations valuable and will endeavour to carry out full assessments when I am a Qualified Teacher.


Department for Education and Employment (1999) The National Curriculum London: HMSO. Sandra Goss Language and Literature for Teachers EDS25-3 page 1

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