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Errol will certainly need a van for his line of business; and one with his company logo and contact details printed on the side of it would provide a lot of promotion without any additional effort. Most mechanics use this type of media, and so it is almost expected. He simply has to drive to and from work or to any other location in Harrow, and potential customers will be able to know of the garage’s presence in their local area. Errol may also be able to provide a roadside help service, which he can make evident by displaying the service in text on the side of his van.

Nevertheless, Errol must make sure he drives his van in the most professional fashion at all time; i. e. no bad driving; it would create an undesirable image with potential customers. Another drawback which could set a negative image is if Errol drives around in a dirty van; keeping it clean would make him seem organised and professional to the eye, and attracting potential customers is what he wants. Business cards Business cards are extremely useful and handy for promoting the business further to first time customers, or to just professionalise the image of the business.

Errol would be able to easily distribute business cards wherever he goes. Business cards provide the potential customer with crucial information such as the contact details, and the address of the garage. Since a business card has to be constrained to a small font to fit everything in, lots of information shouldn’t be crammed in; this would lead to it being thrown away and potential customers being put off. A problem with business cards would be that it’s hard for Errol to target new customers; he must decide where and when it would be appropriate to hand them out; e. g.

posting them in letterboxes around the neighbourhood, or at shopping centre car parks, etc. Nevertheless, despite the professional information included on the card, Errol must make sure the actual card is high-quality, printed out on a quality printer. Faded business cards printed from Economical printers on children’s drawing card would not set an ideal image to potential customers for Errol. Yellow Pages The Yellow Pages is also a brilliant way to promote Errol’s business. Since there is a set coverage area for the Yellow Pages, Errol can send in details of his company and he would be able to advertise to a degree.

This means that he must pay more money for his advert to be more prominent, i. e. be highlighted, in a bold box, with bigger font and his company logo, etc. The minimum price to advertise on yellow pages starts at i?? 30. However, an even better solution would be to advertise his company on the Yellow Pages website, Yell. com. He is able to display the most crucial details for FREE – this is ideal since he must spare money at the beginning of his solo career. The Yellow Pages is arguably the most used directory service in the UK, so becoming distinguished in it would have a critical effect.

The internet directory is significantly more advantageous in terms of searching for a service. Rather than spending time looking through the index for a service (which is categorised and may not contain the words you are looking for), you are able to query the directory with any word, and related matches will be displayed in order of relevance to your query. The website also gives you advanced search options such as constraining the search to a specific area, e. g. Harrow. A drawback to this is that other competing garages could pay even more money to displace Errol’s place in the Yellow Pages or on Yell.

com; and each garage is displayed (as default) in alphabetical order after the priority slots on the website. Newspapers/Magazines Though this option is costly, it would have a good effect on Errol’s image. Monthly Harrow Council magazines are a good opportunity for Errol to make his garage’s presence known. He could pay a good amount when his business is beginning to boom to get a good space in the local newspaper or magazine to advertise his business appropriately, again taking the same precautions (visually appealing, relevant information, etc.

). Some drawbacks for newspapers are that there are a great number of them in local newspapers; particularly free ones because they rely on advertising revenue for their existence. Therefore, there is less likelihood of an advertisement being noticed. In addition, newspapers are only read once (if at all, in the case of free newspapers), so the adverts may not be noticed. Magazines usually have a clear target audience such as teenagers, males, females, car enthusiasts, etc.

Therefore, it is easy to target advertising to the relevant readership group and also to link advertising to the features in the magazine. For example, in an Auto Trader magazine, on a page where more cars in the Harrow area are prominent, this would be an ideal place for Errol to advertise his service. This means that the adverts are only seen by the target market and this makes the money spent very cost effective since people would refer back to the magazine to Errol’s ad. The Market Research Errol Anderson could undertake to help decide upon the Marketing Campaign

Why does a business need market research? Businesses need to find out from their customers whether they like their existing products/services and whether they would be prepared for improvements or new products. If they do not act upon the opinions of their customers, they risk producing goods and services that the public do not want. The business needs to conduct market research using a variety of techniques to be able to obtain this data and produce the products and services according to the customer’s wants.

Market research is inevitable for Errol as he is a starting business – even though he is a sole trader and will open a relatively small business, he still must conduct as much research he can as efficiently as he can within his means. In this section I will elaborate upon how Errol would be able to conduct research to maximise the potential of his business and produce a successful marketing campaign. In this section I will elaborate upon how Errol would be able to conduct research to maximise the potential of his business and produce a successful marketing campaign.

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